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The cool thing about decorating a room with a rug is it is an easy piece to change out frequently when you want a simple change to a room. It's nice to have multiple pieces in storage so you can change the atmosphere of a room with the change of seasons throughout the year. If you want to get creative with your home decor for each season, there's many themes to try out.

First, you can literally change the front door floor mat for each of the four seasons. Winter rugs are always a necessity at that time of year with the family coming in and out with snow on their shoes. It might be a good idea to have one mat outside and another inside to set wet shoes on so the snow doesn't get tracked all throughout the house. For spring, you can choose pretty pastel colors or bright flower designs. During summer, you can choose ocean rugs and beach comforters for those vacations you take each year. Autumn floor mats will have designs of beautiful fall foliage and trees, prepping you for the change of seasons.

Next, try out themes for each holiday of the year. In your living room, nice plush area rugs will accent a room decorated for Easter, Fourth of July or Christmas. Of course, Christmas is one of the most fun holidays to decorate a room for, so you may want to choose multiple designs of Santa Claus for your floor coverings or a snowman on your blanket. If it's a child's bedroom you need to accentuate, you can change it up for each sports season. Basketball themes can be used on round rugs for the winter, followed by baseball in the spring and football for the fall. You know your kids love their sports. If they like multiple sports, changing out a rug is an easy way to change the theme of the room without changing more expensive items or time consuming things like painting walls.

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