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Earth Rugs

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Your city and life are part of a huge and diverse planet Earth, and you can celebrate this by decorating your home with our Earth themed rugs. Which facet of the planet do you most want to represent with an Earth rug? How about covering your living room in an carpet rug showing the Earth with three hands pictured around it to form a recycling symbol, a globe set amid a huge dark blue web and encircled by a ring of laptops to show the internet connectivity of the planet, a detailed view of Europe, Africa and the Middle East as the sun appears behind the Earth, or a section of the green Earth and its blue oceans covered with white wind powered turbines, blue solar cells and dam powered hydroelectric systems to promote renewable energy? Then put an area rug in your office or bedroom displaying the Earth overlaid with a grid and pictures of smiling people from around the world forming a global network, an Earth with dark green oceans, light green continents and a huge tree growing out of the North Pole, an image of the Earth seen reflected onto water, a digital Earth glowing with computer code 0s and 1s, or a blue Earth wrapped with a long green stem and leaves. We also have custom sized rugs that show that our planet is only one small part of the cosmos with a photo taken from the grey surface of the Moon of a little Earth sitting in a vast black sky. Or choose Earth rugs that honor the diversity of our planet's inhabitants, such as a ring of either dozens or a small number of illustrated smiling kids holding hands around the Earth, with representatives from different cultures and heritages. Show your appreciation for the earth with any of these designs - and more - whether as an area rug, floor mat, round rug or even a custom size rug for your home!

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