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Earth Bath Decor

Earth Shower Curtains

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With our Earth themed shower curtains, towels and bath mats, you can show your appreciation of the planet you live on in a huge variety of ways. Choose a set of Earth shower curtains that demonstrate that this planet is just a small part of the cosmos. One of our designs shows a wide angle view of the blue and green sphere of Earth as seen from the lifeless gray surface of the moon. The Earth is sitting in a black night sky among dots of white stars, giving a different perspective than we normally have of our planet.

You can also make a more direct statement by selecting a design that shows a detailed illustration of the Earth as the Southern Hemisphere melts on a white background. This shower curtain design gives you both a unique image and helps you in the fight against global warming. Include your whole family in your bathroom tribute to the Earth with a set of Earth towels and bath mats.

Show your young son that the food we eat comes from the Earth by giving him a custom towel that displays a photo of green plant leaves sprouting from a mound of rich brown soil. Give your daughter a towel that depicts the Earth with green leaves growing above orange oceans and white continents to show her that the Earth is one giant ecosystem. Teach your kids to respect and enjoy diversity with a towel that features a cartoon Earth ringed by kids from around the world.

These African, Chinese, European, Latino and Indian kids are all holding hands and smiling. And your husband will be awed by a bath mat representation of the Earth that conveys the connectivity of modern technology by covering countries in rows of digital 0s and 1s.

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