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Earth Pillows

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Honor the huge planet you live on with a set of Earth pillows for your home and office. Remind your guests how precious water is to the life on this planet with a throw pillow that shows the Earth encased in a giant blue water droplet and set on a white background. Match that with a pillow that demonstrates the threat of global warming in a creative way, by depicting the planet as melting into a puddle of blue oceans and green continents. And complete your environmentally conscious throw pillow theme by adding a pillow that displays a roaring red and orange wood fire superimposed over the photo image of the Earth, which is set in a black sky.

Then continue to ponder the vastness and beauty of our planet with a custom collection of pillow shams for your bedroom. If you want to keep in mind the tragedies possible when the Earth turns violent, choose a pillow designed with six illustrated pictures showing a tornado tossing a roof and cow into the air, a hurricane tearing across a coast, a tidal wave crashing towards land, a volcano erupting molten lava, an earthquake threatening to consume a car, and a forest fire. Or you can show your love for planet with a pillow sham that features the Earth as a translucent heart shape floating above a vast ocean.

Teach your kids to be open to and tolerant of other cultures and races by giving them pillow cases that display cartoon children with different colored hair and skin all joyfully raising their hands over their heads and smiling as they stand around the edge of a cartoon Earth. And teach your family about recycling with an Earth pillow that shows the planet circled by three recycling arrows, each filled with a picture of air, land or water.

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