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Mountain Rugs

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With our mountain themed rugs displayed in your home, you can turn your floor into a jaw dropping vista of mountains, valleys, lakes and forests from remote and famous locations around the world. The professional photo image designs on these rugs include a long distance shot of brown and white horses grazing in dry tan grass. Just beyond these horses is a line of trees, and then jagged, snow topped mountain erupt straight up into the baby blue sky. Give your family room some old-fashioned frontier simplicity with an area rug that pictures a log cabin built on a windswept green and gray meadow.

This quaint house is dwarfed by a ridge of the Utah Rocky mountains, which extend well above the tree line into thin, cold air of dizzying altitudes. Another of our custom size mountain rug patterns features a dark brown wooden chapel built beside an old fence on a prairie. This antique building is set against mountains that begin as lush green and then increase in height until their peaks are as white as the clouds in the morning sky.

Go from these familial images to absolutely unbelievable sights from atop the tallest mountains on Earth with carpet rugs that will turn your bedroom into an adventurous mountaineering expedition. How about a rug that displays the almost perfectly pyramid shaped Alpamayo peak in the Peruvian Andes? This gigantic mountain is nearly completely covered in pure white snow, and is seen on your rug as a yellow sun sets into a blue, red and orange sky behind it. You can see why Alpamayo is often called the most beautiful mountain in the world.

Or would you rather decorate with a mountain rug that showcases the undisputed highest reaching mountain on our planet? Then for you, we have rugs that exhibit a photo of Mt. Everest stretching over 5 miles into space as it dominates the other massive peaks of the Himalayas.

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