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Sometimes bathroom decor is the perfect place to let your fun side show. A shower curtain is the most focal point of the room, so picking a creative design for the curtain is paramount, while the rest of the bath decor can complement it. If you're shopping in stores you have to settle for one of the few designs they have in stock, but shopping at VisionBedding gives you an unlimited selection of designs because we know you have more interests than what the store has available. A fun bathroom can have many different looks depending on what type of home it is in. A favorite way to design a vacation home bathroom is to decorate with beach or tropical sunset shower curtains. Plus, you can try nautical themes for the bath mat. A hunting lodge should have at least one restroom with designs of bears, elk or deer on a forest backdrop. And if you like fishing as a sport too, try a fly fishing design on a towel? There's also pictures of rivers and lakes with fishermen for you. For the condo in a big metropolis, a cityscape backdrop of the skyscrapers will dazzle any guests. Some people love to entertain guests and have basements decorated just for this purpose, complete with billiards tables, a poker table, a big screen and a bar. In this type of basement, decorate with vintage movie theatre shower curtains or pictures of casinos, gambling and cards on bath towels. Some would prefer just a crazy themed room, so in this case choose wild designs with abstract patterned bathtub curtains. Or there are some basements that are designed with 1960's, 1970's or 1980's type of decor. It's hard to complete the retro look in a lavatory, but with our categories you won't have any problem. Finish the look with small wall murals of pictures from the same themes, along with bath mats and towels. Finally a bathroom in your home will need to fit in with your decor that is already there. For children, choose designs of anime or cartoon animals for the curtains so when bath time comes around they get excited. Or for teenagers, let them pick out their favorite hobby. If your son or daughter loves playing the guitar, point them in the direction of designs with musical instruments and notes. As an adult, the restroom may be the perfect place for a motivational saying on the shower curtain so you see it as you're getting ready for work. We have the perfect selection of bath decor for any type of house or person of any age. And don't forget we offer custom size bath decor for all of these needs. Older homes will have weird sized bathtubs that may need curtains that are longer or wider than normal, so we can help there.

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