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Blue Floral Bath Decor

Our blue floral bath decor combines the color of the sky, ocean and rivers with the delicacy and beauty of flowers. Decorate your bathroom with blue floral shower curtains that display a complex and panoramic scene. One great example is an illustration of an array of violet, blue and white flowers with black and yellow butterflies soaring around them, and a stream of black musical notes, stars and bubbles flowing between the mouths of two brown birds. Another ideal shower curtain design is a bundle of blue lilies with yellow pistils and blue leaves stretching across the upper left side of a white background. You can also add a wall art with a photo of an orchid inside your blue floral themed bathroom.

This theme is a decor that can be used throughout a bathroom without being overdone, so add a custom blue bath mat as well. Choose from the top half of a blue anemone flower with its translucent petals spread open, a field of white tulips and their green stems contrasted to a blue sky, or a bouquet of blue oxeye flowers. If you prefer a darker colored bath mat, you'll adore our depiction of lanterns hanging from tree branches over lavender flowers, in a scene set against a full white moon and a deep blue sky dotted with stars.

Then complete your themed bathroom with a set of towels for the whole family. Give your husband a towel patterned with an ornate navy blue and silver design. Your daughter will love a towel displaying white butterflies and white flowers set against baby blue.

Your son will enjoy a towel featuring a single huge sunflower blowing in the breeze under a blue sky. And get a special towel for yourself too, like one adorned with a close up of a blue cornflower and its layers of delicate petals.

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