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Go through our collection of sports rugs to find something to place in your room. At VisionBedding, we have designs portraying several different images such as archery, ATV, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, and many more. The image on our archery rug shows an outline of an archer taking his position on the ground, getting ready to shoot his arrow upwards into the sky.

If you love classic sports, a baseball batter hitting the baseball out of the field with such force that it has resulted in the ball catching on fire is a great choice. The basketball category portrays the same type of message, except this time the fire is due to the player dunking the ball in the net. If you love cheerleading choose a silhouette of a cheerleader with poms poms jumping high in the air at sunset.

The ice skating rug illustrates professional skaters dancing on ice. The gymnastic floor mat features a girl performing a routine on handlebars. The rodeo rug portrays a cowboy sitting on the rail, but only his boots are visible. The ski rug shows a skier riding the slopes, going left and right. The sailboat floor mat depicts a beautiful ship with massive sails sailing in the ocean at sunset.


Luxurious beneath your feet, Vision Bedding’s sports themed rugs are a perfect way to sprinkle some personality to any room in your place. We have more than 600 rug patterns for you to pick from, in an assortment of measurements and styles. Our lush bathroom mats are available in two standard sizes and are backed with a rubber mat. They are long lasting, yet luxurious enough for the lavatory. If you are hoping for some sports themed rugs of more durable carpeting material, our round rugs are very sturdy and are available in three sizes. If a textured rug is what you want, our throw rugs will be perfect for you. They are made with durable Dobby material, and they have a non slippery mat to place underneath. We pledge to you that you’ll get the right rug for you.

You can add rugs to any area in your home to connect your sports themed living space together. When acquiring floor coverings for your abode, pay attention to how much foot traffic the floor covering will be receiving. This will help you determine how durable you want your rug to be. While there are low cost alternatives for floor coverings, the cheaper options may wear out quicker, so spending a little more off the bat will ensure you have a higher quality floor covering that will abide for a long time. The variety of floor covering you put in each living space is also important. A more expansive area rug will be more appropriately in your great room, while a tinier circular rug in the bedroom might help keep you from losing your footing when you climb out of bed.

Vision Bedding provides countless personalization options for our floor coverings. Not only is our collection of sports designs unique to us, you may tailor your new rug to correspond to your bedroom's theme. If the hue of the pattern you like should be altered to suit your room more appropriately, you will be able to do it. You can add words to the rugs so your guests will see an inviting greeting when they come into your home. You can also upload your own graphics and sports themed designs to your floor coverings. If you want a floor covering in an alternative dimension, you can purchase customized floor coverings to make it fit your space perfectly. Whether you are seeking an area rug or a circular rug, you will be able to make it totally personalized.

Whether it’s a lavishly plushy powder room rug, an ornamental floor covering for a traditional dining room, or a durable flooring rug in your kitchen, with Vision Bedding, determining the right pieces for your sports themed room will be delightfully uncomplicated. First rate caliber, high quality unique rugs that will endure, just like the amazing effect they’ll make on each visitor who sees your residence.

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