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Basketball Rugs

USA's largest assortment of Basketball designed rugs. Every graphic can be a special size, or rug style such as a floor mat.

Step from the court onto the rug with our basketball rugs at VisionBedding.  Our inspiring designs bring the excitement of the game right into your living room on basketball rugs. There are simply some scenes in this magnificent sport that deserve to be frozen in time and woven into attractive basketball rugs as part of our home decor. The silhouette of a player arcing toward the basket; a basketball teetering on the rim; the net, fluttering as the ball swishes in effortlessly from the three-point line: these are the moments in basketball that make you hold your breath, and that's why you want them in your home. See unreal designs depicting real-life players playing on courts stylized with vector graphics and amazing basketball-inspired art.

And if our rug designs aren't a slam dunk for you, then design your own rugs with our full customization options. Do you like the baller made of blue light in mid-dunk, but wish he was pink instead?  No problem, because you can personalize your hues to make for a clean and custom look.  Layer your own photos of your son or daughter playing ball atop a court that we've designed.  Add their name below and give it as a gift they'll never forget, just like they won't forget making that game-winning shot. 

Our custom size rugs have designs that capture what's best in basketball: the action. See players driving through defenders toward the basket, dribbling through their legs and soaring across the court in a glorious slam dunk with any of our basketball area rugs.  Get a round rug that is the perfect shape for a basketball, or a plush rug featuring a court much softer than the real thing.  We even offer floor mats that can add that spinning-basketball touch to your laundry room.  

Basketball rugs can fit the theme in any sporty room, or create a sporty theme in a room that will revolve around basketball.  Our fun and lively designs keep the competitive fun alive, and that's the essence we've captured in our best basketball rugs for your man cave or fan room.  Reimagine that space for a woman-cave with female basketball players on the rugs.  Or maybe you want a high school gym court for your high-school baller's room: add that rug to the space to fit right in with the basketball-themed bedding and wall art already up.  

These rugs are a great addition to your high-school player's bedroom or favorite room.  Let them rest their tired feet on a basketball rug beneath a computer chair, or chase them off to a bed with sheets telling them to "Play the Game!" Your son or daughter will appreciate that you support their love of the game, and you'll love the chic style that comes with a basketball theme.

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