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Cheerleading Rugs

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Put long brown and red hair on hula hips with blue and white pompoms on custom cheerleading rugs. Bounce color from turquoise through purple, red, lime, and orange on a custom size area rug. Leave apricot, aqua, yellow, pink and fern on custom cheerleading carpet rugs. Wink back at the blonde haired cheerleader with blue pompoms on a round rug.

Jump for joy with strips of gold and scarlet bound together in pompoms on a throw rug, and leave gold and brown feathers in the hands of a cheerleader with a butterfly in her hair. Stand tall atop the hands of a squad in silhouette on a custom size cheerleading rug. From leaps of bright pink to splits atop upraised arms in black and white silhouette, these custom cheerleading rugs give you high spirits and gymnastic finesse.

Wave mustard and lavender pompoms on a custom size area rug. Leave golden brown feather dusters in the hands of a squad on a carpet rug. Leave whirling pink pompoms and high splits on a cheerleading throw rug.

From spunky Anime cheerleaders to prom queens with orange and gold mums, these cheerleading rugs bring the spark and sass of the schools elite squad to your decor. From a swish of red and silver in the sky to a figure skater held high atop a pyramid of hands against a blur of neon green and silver with streaks of red, these cheerleading rugs put the swish of pink pompoms held high against your floors on custom size rugs.

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