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Cheerleading Blankets

Organized sports just wouldn't be the same without cheerleaders, so they are well worth a tribute with a custom design on a bright cheerleading blanket. Whether it stays on your bed or goes to games with you, a cheerleading blanket signals your respect for these talented athletes and the school spirit they encourage. A perfect picture of great teamwork, cheerleading squads set an example for all of us and deserve the recognition they get on these fleece and woven cheerleading blankets in bed and throw sizes. As energetic and colorful as cheerleaders themselves, these custom cheerleading blankets capture their high spirits and spunk.

With black and white imagery alongside vividly colored designs, a cheerleading blanket that's just right for squad members and aspiring youngsters is here for the asking. Vivid color rains in slanted sheets behind a flexible cheerleader holding a leg beside her head in the heel stretch of a scale and falls only on the pompoms of a silhouetted squad as their stunts and dynamic poses settle on cheerleading bed and throw blankets. Smiles beam and pony tails fly as little squad members pop into the air on woven cheerleading blankets. Get yourself some pillow cases too, for an extra peppy enthusiasm.

Their bubbly happiness spills onto soft, pretty cheerleading bed blankets and leaps up from throw blankets with colorful pompoms thrust into the air. With the vibrant spirit of cheerleaders themselves, these custom cheerleading blankets celebrate their athleticism, dedication, and dexterity. This collection of fleece and woven cheerleading blankets offers you a wide variety of custom designs to choose among.

From silhouettes leaving pompoms of color on your bed to cute cartoon styled cheerleaders bringing pretty hues and great energy to the room, these cheerleading blankets are sure to lift everyone's spirits. Put one on the bed, toss one in the car, and keep the great attitude of a cheerleader in your life.

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