Animal Rugs

VisionBedding's animal rugs will make you howl with joy and tweet in excitement at these unique designs. Our comfortable rugs will make you run as wild as the bobcats and bison below your feet. These rugs show the vast array of creatures in the animal kingdom in breathtaking nature photographs and fun illustrations both. Take a walk on the wild side with these animal rugs.

If you're a fan of the forest, try a wolf or moose rug. If you love the forest with a dab of fantasy, why not try a rug with a unicorn strutting boldly in the mist? And, if our options don't float your duck, then when not try a custom rug? With our personalization features, you can reimagine any image in the hue of your choice.  Or, you could evolve your style by including one of your own animal photographs on a rug. You can even layer your own words or messages as a gift to your favorite primate.

Our rugs come in a menagerie of sizes and shapes, including custom sizes. If your room is best suited for the rotund, try an elephant on a round rug. To convey the plush hair of a polar bear try a plush rug, and to cover some land get an area rug featuring a wolf. We even offer floor mats in case you're likely to slip and slide like a seal.

These animal rugs can be used to bring out a natural theme in any room.  Try a rec room with squirrels and skunks and other cute forest creatures emblazoned on the rugs.  Or, you might include rugs favoring whales and zebras drinking from ponds in a bedroom styled with water.  If you're feeling particularly wild, why not go with an entire room in the jungle theme?

Animal rugs are perfect for your child's room.  Who says they can't feel the spirit of the outdoors while they read before bed?  If your child likes going to the zoo, they'll start liking bedtime even more.  Let their imagination soar as high as the eagle on their plush rug. 

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