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Leopard Rugs

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A large jungle leopard can weigh up to 220 lbs. and they mostly likely shed. A clean, leopard area rug with the image of a beautiful spotted cat would be just as noticeable and commanding as the real thing, but without shredding your furniture or leaving hair behind. The leopard is a cat of immense agility and strength which can be featured in any setting you choose, and in a size you desire.

These are cats to be admired, not only for their playfulness but for their fierce loyalty. Their gaze, even their spots and patterns, have a calming effect that you can feel just by looking at them. Show off a giant cat sleeping in the sun or decorate around a nice clear image of a big leopard lazily hanging from a tree trunk.

Make your jungle themed room look very regal and sophisticated with a leopard area rug. Or if you want to go the fun and jovial avenue then try a rug with a group of baby leopards. A big strong cat printed on a carpet rug will go great in a zoo or safari themed room.

A night sky with lightning, a sunny rock ledge, even a snow capped vista can be the perfect setting for a leopard rug. Imagine a snow leopard in mid-growl or an African leopard ready to pounce. Put this image on a black background or in front of a midnight moon and you have a significant show piece to display on your living room floor.

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