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Leopard Blankets

A fierce and graceful animal is the perfect antidote to the humdrum aspects of modern life, and our custom leopard blankets are a great way to bring the allure of a cunning predator into your life. If it moves, a leopard will probably kill and eat it, from beetles to two thousand pound eland antelopes. They hunt not only with quick legs and sharp teeth but also with intelligence. In our leopard blanket designs featuring photographic images of these majestic cats, you can see the thoughtfulness and sophistication in their eyes, such as in a close-up shot of a leopard lounging in a tree, but studying the land closely, climbing down from a gnarled branch and gazing out the horizon beneath turbulent gray skies, or staring directly and defiantly into the camera with its penetrating yellow eyes.

A leopard stalks it prey until its close enough to catch with one quick burst and tears it down to the ground with its dagger like fangs and grasping claws. Hang a decorative blanket on your wall displaying a leopard in all its glory, shoulders hunched, head bowed, jaws agape as its lurks toward you from a black background. If these animals are too intense for you at their full size of nearly two hundred pounds, you will certainly love our blankets with adorable leopard cubs, which make ideal blankets for kids or throw blankets for the couch, including a leopard mother licking her yawning cub on the forehead as they rest in dry grass, or an incredibly cute six week old Persian leopard cub with gentle blue eyes and furry whiskers.

You and your family will feel warm and protected at night wrapped in furry fleece leopard blankets.

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