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Leopard Bath Decor

Leopard Shower Curtains

Bath Mats, Towels, - Decorate Your Whole Bathroom!

Out, Out, damn spots! Wash away the evidence of the late-nighter you pulled behind a custom leopard shower curtain. Or just drape your shower with black and gold, and wait to pounce on the friend that talked you into it. These custom leopard shower curtains leave the beast in your bathroom and bring out its beauty in sunny fields and stormy skies. It turns its head to be lit by lightning branching through the sky and waits on a deck against dark green bushes.

It leaps from a limb, silver and gray skies behind its black spotted coat of ivory and gold. It waits in the shadow against a coppery blur. From leopards slouched over limbs like saddles thrown over fence posts to the silver face of a snow leopard ready to be stroked, these leopards lounge around your bathroom and run around like the wild things they are on custom towels and bath mats.

Leave black spots against autumn gold. Put the confused eyes of a leopard on custom towels. Leave one lying in the grass or stretching one paw out in friendship.

Leave them high in trees or sharpening their claws on a tree branch against a blur of bare bushes and brilliant blue skies. Leave a cub on the bath mat and the focused gaze of a full grown leopard on your shower curtain. With golden eyes and nose against the mocha of tree bark and a gray eyed big toothed snarl, keep spots where you want them and out, out with the rest on these custom leopard designs.

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