Lion Rugs

Worlds biggest selection of Lion themed home rugs. Every single pattern can be a special size, or rug type such as a floor mat.

The lion is one of the big four. Big four cats, that is. Tiger, jaguar, leopard, and lion. How can someone show influence and hierarchy in their own home? A giant rug with a growling lion for your living room floor will do just fine.

This shows power and authority. How about a portrait of an African lion in front of a sun-drenched view of the savannah? Its time to hunt down your favorite king of the jungle with these lion rugs. Lions are nocturnal.

You can catch them napping most of the day. Capture the lovability in a lion with an image of a smirk or a yawn from papa lion. Mama lion is a true hunter but is very devoted to her pride.

A picture of the Angola Lion and Lioness would not only protect your floors but add a sense of luxury to any abode. Baby lions would be the cutest theme for your newborn. A little roaring lion in yellow and gold would be the perfect addition to a nursery or playroom.

Even white lion cubs can add a touch of endearing charm to a child's bedroom. Take a walk on the wild side with some fierce yet cuddly baby lions, or cuddle up with some comforter on a lion area rug. Go on safari in your own home with majestic views of the gold plains and a family of lions surveying the land.

Take pride in choosing an image of a beautiful, strong lion walking to the watering hole at sunset. You'll feel safe with him protecting you on your lion themed rug.

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