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Unicorn Bedding

Mystical creatures have always been a part of our intense imagination and fantasy - like the unicorn which is why this mystical creature makes the perfect bedding. This mythical legend that sometimes crosses the border between reality and fantasy will come to life on your very own custom unicorn bedding. Somewhere in Europe, a skeleton of a two legged unicorn was found. Does this mean that they really existed once upon a time? Amazing drawings of unicorns have been made over the years, and they get more and more beautiful and colorful every time so you'll have the perfect unicorn designs to choose from.

You must have your favorite one, and do you know you can actually put it in on your bed personally designed by you? Yes! this fantastic looking creature can come alive on your bedding created just for you by VisionBedding. We have the most advanced technology to make a unicorn designs into custom bedding that can last through the years without fading or loosing its luster from repeated machine wash. Your bedding will be your masterpiece, but you can also hang unicorn drapes over your windows.

Follow legend of the Fair Maid who captured the heart of the snow-white unicorn and turning him into her prince on your very own bedding set. You could also have a Chinese-inspired Ki-Lin, which is the unicorn legend of Confucius on your bedding. There are many stories and legends of this gentle creature that can inspire one to achieve great things.

There is not one legend of a unicorn that depicts it as an evil animal, meaning that a unicorn is one of the best animals you could ever have in your bedroom especially if your afraid of the dark. It will never cause any fear in you. On the contrary, having your special unicorn inspired bedding will bring you much peace and tranquility, and cover you with amazing stories of greatness and beauty.

Other countries have their own version of unicorn like the Arabian Karkaddan which has magical powers, or the Japanese Kirin that fights evil people and criminals. Did you know famous people from our history have reported seeing a unicorn? Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Julius Caesar have all claimed to have seen a unicorn sometime during their travels. Is it possible that we really have unicorns living among us? Wouldn't that be something? Either way with VisionBedding's personalized bedding designed just for you, there is no doubt on whether a unicorn can live in your bedroom or not!

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