Unicorn Blankets

Ultra soft fleece blankets are here in a wide variety of unicorn patterns and in king or queen sizes. Wrap up in a comfy blanket and get warm tonight. Or maybe pick a bed blanket size to turn your sleeping space into a picturesque oasis. 

Unleash the child inside of you or give a special gift to a girl in your life with our custom unicorn blankets. We have a deep and diverse selection of unicorn themed blankets from classic childhood cartoons to artful illustrations. Children adore the idea of mystical creatures living in mysterious forests, and nothing exemplifies that more than their fascination with unicorns. You can choose furry fleece blankets with a unicorn that has pink hair, a violet mane and tail, and a gold horn and hooves, looking at you with a big, bashful eye, a young redheaded princes in a pink dress riding a strong, white unicorn, a playful yellow unicorn with golden spots and mane, or a unicorn with wings leaping into flight.

A unicorn is also featured in another of our blanket designs that depicts a little girl dreaming of all her favorite fairytale themes, including a magic castle, a bundle of roses, a royal stagecoach and butterflies. For adults or mature kids, we also have more sophisticated unicorn blankets, such as a quality illustration of a sexy fairy in a tiny dress watching a pair of unicorns graze in a misty field of grass, beside leafless trees and the last embers of a setting winter sun, a lone unicorn resting sadly amid snow-touched evergreens, beneath a glistening sun, a computer generated image of a powerful unicorn gazing up at a full white moon breaking through clouds, or a majestic unicorn leaping up on its hind legs, white mane flowing backwards. If you prefer something more abstract for your new throw blanket, choose our painting of a unicorn galloping across blue, purple and yellow rocks with a huge rainbow cutting through a colorful sky composed of a fiery sun emitting bands of yellow, orange, red and blue.

Spend more time fantasizing about beauty with our unicorn themed bedding.

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