Unicorn Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom Ideas to Help You Embrace Your Inner Unicorn Magic


Whimsical Unicorn Bedroom

Unicorn lovers everywhere swoon over products decorated with the magical animal. Full of sparkles and cuddles, these fabled creatures are the face of every unicorn fan’s dream. It’s only right that their unicorn room decor makes them feel like they just walked into a mystical wonderland! These unicorn bedroom ideas of all colors and styles will give you happy feelings and sweet dreams!


Funny And Cool Unicorn Bedroom


How To Decorate With Unicorn Decor

With so many options for decor, unicorn lovers can fill their bedrooms with magical and dreamy unicorn pieces almost effortlessly.


Gray Unicorn Bedroom


White Unicorn Bedroom Idea



Because of their natural white color, unicorn decor goes beautifully in unicorn themed bedrooms with a black and white or neutral pallet. The unicorn silhouette on the bedding gives a sense of dramatic class while the cuddly white stuffed unicorn relieves this white room of some of its stark lines and contrast.



Fantasy Unicorn Bedroom Look


Unicorn Wall Piece


Another way to show off your love for unicorns is by filling your wall space with artistic decor like sparkles and flowers. The mystical wall art will add a layer of dimension to your bedroom as it seems to jump off the walls! You can even recreate a unicorn horn using colors and glitter.


Majestic Unicorn


By matching your home decor, you can accentuate your unicorn details, making them stand out even more. The matching bokeh-inspired window curtains and rug decorations in this glitzy kids room complement the geometric unicorn pillow cases and the unicorn rug. By being placed on either side, they leave the unicorn decor in the middle, framing it so that it is the most eye-catching piece in this glamorous room.

Using Unicorn Decor with Unique Colors

Many people first think of unicorns as being rainbows and pinks, but these magical creatures look just as dreamy in any color room. Contrary to popular belief, unicorns don’t need to be surrounded by pink and sparkles. If your favorite color is orange, green, blue or something different, you can still make unicorns the main decorations in your bedroom! Flowers, rainbows, and stars all look just as mystical surrounding unicorns in any colored room.


Boho Unicorn Theme


This southwestern style unicorn room is incredibly unique as it mixes flowers, shades of orange, and aztec patterns with unicorn decor to create a desert-like unicorn paradise.


Baby Unicorn Themed Bedroom


At first, you may think the vibrant and contrasting blue and yellow used in this rainbow unicorn room take away from the unicorn decor but it actually pulls of the many colors of the rainbows in the unicorn bedding in this playful room for a little girl.


Unicorn Bedroom Idea


This beautiful unicorn horn crown makes the perfect topper for the canopy over multi-colored bedding. The different colors used to decorate the crown’s flowers pull out all the pastel and spring-feeling colors in the comforter, creating a bright and airy bedroom!


Violet Unicorn Bedroom


Glittery Unicorn Bedroom


Purple is a deep and rich color, making it a perfect choice for a unicorn themed bedroom. Purple themed decor can be used in feminine rooms with flowers and sparkles or in a more modern room like these with geometric accents and cosmic unicorn decor.

Room Ideas For Unicorn Enthusiasts

For the most enthusiastic unicorn lovers, these unicorn rooms go all out with their unicorn decor with pieces that go above and beyond to show off the ultimate unicorn paradise!


Dazzling Unicorn Bedroom


From the gradient style comforter to the bokeh-inspired rug, this room is full of blue, purple and pink colored pieces that all lead up to the galactic unicorn wall art. The galaxy canvas above the bed complements the multi-colored unicorn mural across the room, giving anyone in this bedroom a chance to tap into their inner unicorn magic.


Unicorn Carriage Themed Bedroom


Pink and white are classic colors that are most commonly seen used in unicorn decorations.  The dreamy pale pinks accent colors in the most luxurious unicorn-drawn carriage bed make you want to nearly drift away in comfort and unicorn cuddles. 


Unicorn Princess


Together, rainbows and unicorns are a classic mix and the perfect combination because they both give off feelings of happiness! With most unicorns having a pure white coat, a multi-colored mane or crown adds a touch of color and vibrancy, making this room nothing short of pure magic.

Bringing the Magic to Your Own Bedroom

Using this inspiration and your own imagination, you can bring your love for unicorns right to your bedroom. You can finally bring to life all the sparkles and rainbows of your dreams. Fancy wall decor, dreamy comforters, vibrant rugs and unicorn wall art that is full of wonder, there are endless ways to fill your room from top to bottom with unicorn decorations. You may also like to check out our horse bedroom ideas.