Horse Bedroom Ideas

Horse Decor Ideas That Will Have You Itching To Saddle Up

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Create a room that will make you want to grab your riding boots.

For the English rider, the Western roper, the pony lover and the jockey, a dreamy room filled with horse decor is right at your fingertips.

Decorating with portraits of these gentle, majestic creatures in an oversized mural could bring a sense of luxury and sophistication to your bedroom while mixing ponies and splashes of a bright color combines your love of horses with a fun element for an exciting, less intense room. Horse-themed room decor is the key to lovers of these incredible animals unlocking a style in their room that reflects their favorite thing in their own bedroom.

This blog will show you many ways to do exactly that!

Tips For Decorating With Horse Themed Decor

One of the easiest ways to implement horse bedroom decor in your room is to look at the colors of the horse-themed pieces you can’t live without and decide which ones you want to be your primary decorating colors.

Horse Bedroom For Cowboys

Horses’ coats can be light or dark shades of brown, black, gray or white. Those convenient neutral colors make matching the rest of the room simple.  All that remains is the details! So whether you fell in love with a picture of a Quarter Horse running in front of a bright red sunset or you found the perfect multi-colored comforter, the accent colors can be pulled to tie the room together much like part of the ceiling in the first picture has been painted green to reflect the tones of green throughout the room.

Horse Wall Art Bedroom For Teens


While you’re trying to get as many exciting horse decor pieces as possible to fill up your room, cool accents can help fill in the gaps with stylish pieces! A horse bedroom looks amazing when used to create a rustic, Western or country theme.  Commonly used in those settings, a variety of wood-based designs, burlap and antiques go perfect with horse decor. The above picture displays a horse, with a patch of hay above his stable window, that looks to be three-dimensional. This piece of decor, surrounded by a few rustic-style elements, would work beautifully in your horse themed bedroom.

Barn Styled Bedroom

Horse Barn Chic Bedroom

Lastly, rooms filled with horse decor also benefit from the variety of other pieces to really make it feel like the barn or stables your beloved horses spend so much of their time. The rug that appears to be a barn floor with hay on it and the wall art of a barn in the distance are both bold pieces that make your horse-themed room so much more unique!

 Unique Horse Bedroom Ideas For Horse Lovers With Style

At times it can be difficult to combine your love for horses with the style of room you want to create. Luckily, you don’t have to choose between the two!

Black And White Horse Bedroom

The home decor in this dark and moody bedroom is a gorgeous mix of one rider’s love for intense style and almost royal-looking horses!

Gray Horse Bed Decor

Horses are quite the majestic animal and when put in black and white, they instantly become a classic and upscale piece. Even if your style leans more toward modern and minimalistic, you don’t have to give up showing off beautiful horses of all kinds in your bedroom. For the English rider who loves feeling sophisticated in her show clothes, black and white horse bedroom can turn into a refined horse-themed paradise.

Colorful Horse Bedroom For Girls

Although horses naturally have neutral-colored tones, a love for vibrant, bright colors shouldn’t stop you from making sure your horse-decor is still the main event in your bedroom decor. In fact, horse decor that is available in more than one color just makes your equestrian dream room all the more personal to your unique style.

Ways to Use Horse Decor For Young Equestrians

For young horse lovers, being fascinated with the idea of getting a pony as a birthday or Christmas gift is a well-known occurrence. While a live horse may be a bit of a stretch for your little one, horse themed bedrooms to commemorate their favorite animal might just have them mesmerized enough to hold them over until the real thing.

Artistic Horse Bedroom

Speaking of horse lovers that are young children, youth decor often comes in a variety of colors regardless of the design, giving them the freedom to mix their favorite animal with their favorite color.

Pink and Gray Horse Bedroom

This means that even little future equestrians can continue to have bright and vibrant themed bedrooms filled with their favorite colors even though their favorite animal is a neutral-colored brown horse!

Horse Decor Can Be Your Next Mane Event

Your desire to bring your love of horses to your bedroom can now come to life! With endless styles and any color can you can think of, there’s no room that adding your beloved horse-themed decor wouldn’t look perfect in. Whether you’re wanting a classy black and white horse wall mural or a vibrant multi-colored horse comforter, horse-loving designers, even unicorn enthusiasts, and riders alike can find a way to show off their favorite animal no matter what their style is!

Horse Bedroom In Grey