French Bedroom Ideas That Will Have You Dreaming of Paris

Paris Theme Bedrooms

The city of lights is a place full of magic, wonder, and romance. The home of the Eiffel Tower and delicious pastries, Paris is unlike any other place in the world. Because of the city’s many beautiful sights, Paris bedroom ideas will leave your bedroom feeling like you just woke up in France. With a little inspiration from this blog post, you can recreate the home of the Eiffel Tower right in your bedroom.

Fashion Paris Bedroom

How To Decorate With Paris Themed Decor

Paris is easily associated with many different symbols ranging from fancy home decor to fashionable accessories. Of course, the most obvious symbol is the Eiffel Tower, but once you have one in place, these ideas for secondary Paris themed decor can help you fill in the gaps!

Simple Paris Bedroom

Chandeliers are an extravagant piece of home decor found in many French themed pieces of architecture including mansions and cathedrals! A smaller scale chandelier, or even just a piece of chandelier-inspired art, is a wonderful way to bring a piece of the luxurious side of Paris into your bedroom.

Lovers in Paris Bedroom Theme

The city of romance and love, deep and passionate colors are often seen around Paris. Rich reds, like the shades used in this comforter, are a simple and classic way to add a feeling of intensity to your Paris themed bedroom. The heaviness of the color can also easily be offset by a piece of lighter art such as the mural of the Eiffel tower surrounded by airy fall leaves.

Pink Paris Bedroom

Glitz and glamour are the overarching themes of Parisian decorations, especially when it comes to young world travelers. The mannequins, decorations on the bedroom wall and marquee-inspired vanity make this room fit for any French fashionista. Adding boas and bold feminine patterns are a sure way to turn your bedroom into a designer dressing room.

Putting the Focus on the Bedding

You don’t have to ask around too much to find out that the French are keen on style. One of the most visible pieces in any bedroom is usually the bed sheet so to start off your Paris themed bedroom decor, it’s imperative to get your hands on the right bedding.

Vintage Paris Bedroom

Black And Pink Paris Bedroom

Extremely versatile, patterns work beautifully in Paris themed rooms and give the designer lots of control. Repetitive visuals of hearts, bicycles and mini Eiffel Towers create a more playful bed cover while something classic like black and white looks chic and can be paired with any color.

Black And Pink Paris Bedroom

Chic Paris Bedroom Look

In case you’ve ever wanted to practice your French while tucking yourself in at night, the French language is full of beautiful, romantic phrases that look feminine and modern when displayed full size on Paris themed comforter. These decorations that read lovely French phrases such as “I love you” or “Je T’aime” are not only a perfect touch to your home but also a conversation starter for any visitors!

Classic Black and Pink Paris Bedroom

Bedding can be more than one flat layer. In fact, going by the French’s fashion choices, their style is often anything but conventional! When putting together a truly unique Parisian palace, complement your chandelier and fancy mirror with layers of bedding. Mixing the blacks and pinks not only make the bed cover and comforter a perfect color match for the rest of the room, but it also adds dimension to the bed itself, making it literally stand out in this glamorous bedroom.

Paris View Bedroom

Elegant Paris Themed Room

Perhaps the best way to truly envision oneself in the city of lights, cityscape bed cover is a very realistic and unique way to bring Paris to your bedroom. Comforters, pillowcases, and blankets displaying photographs of the streets, skyline and canals will make you feel like all that’s missing is a one-way ticket to France. Using cityscape and landscape visuals make the most vibrant and lively bedrooms!

Rooms for Paris Enthusiasts

If you’re one for dressing up your poodle and trying on your collection of berets, only a Paris themed room that goes above and beyond will satisfy your levels of love for this unique culture. Over the top glamorous and creatively styled, these Paris themed bedrooms are styled with the number one fans in mind.

Stylish Paris Bedroom

We’ve mentioned black, white and pink as being a good idea for a Paris themed bedroom design before, but in this modern-day, Paris themed bedroom decor, the variety of textures, designs, and decorations are what make this space so amazing. The details in the black and white comforter along with the complementary drapes and the splashes of pink accents all contribute to this dramatically feminine room being a dream of anyone with wanderlust!

Paris And Its Glamour Room

This artistically inspired home is a one-of-a-kind decor. From the annual Louvre visitor to the dreamer of French travels, these art-inspired pieces will leave you feeling like there is a real piece of Paris culture in your home all the time. The quaint little corner shop and the fashionable girl in from of the Eiffel Tower are both important aspects of French culture that no other design could capture so well.

Blue Paris Bedroom

This room shows of dancers, poodles, and hearts all scattered in with Eiffel tower visuals. The wall art and the pillow are creative but what is truly unique here is the hot air balloon! Found first on the wall above the bed as an alternative headboard of sorts, the little heart balloon is also found represented throughout the bedding design as well. While it may not be the first thing that is thought off when it comes to French culture, the hot air balloon decorations add a sense of lightheartedness and adventure to a charming Paris themed room.

Saying “Au Revoir!” To Anything That Isn’t Paris

When getting started with your own Parisian paradise, remember that there are so many different ways to go and that each room is unique.

Artistic Paris Bedroom

Eiffel towers, romantic streets, beautiful flowers, and the Arc de Triomphe are all things that make the city the wonderful place that it is. Somewhere along the way, poodles and chandeliers even became reminiscent of luxurious Parisian culture! No matter which shades or designs you choose, your new room is sure to be filled with decor that displays all your favorite aspects of the city of lights.

Eiffel Bedroom in Pastel