Purple Bedrooms

Not your usual purple bedroom design ideas. This purple bedroom has a grunge effect because of the bedroom walls. This interior design can be an inspiration to either a master bedroom, a guest bedroom because it is gender neutral.

Some purple bedrooms has gold or pink accents, but this purple bedroom actually has a unique combination by combining purple with teal. A mixture of purple and teal bedroom design just like this bedroom has a bold touch because of the usage of purple in a darker tone.

If you are looking for unique home decor for your little one, this bedroom design can be your inspiration. This purple bedroom has a basketball theme. The duvet has a large colorful basketball action print to create an impact. Pillow covers are printed in jersey like pattern while the throw pillows have basketball doodles on it in the shade of purple. Some unique wall art, a few rugs and curtain  are all it takes to turn a room into fun sports themed environment.

Pink and purple are combined for the theme of this bedroom.

Violet bedroom walls with white tufted headboard, white and lilac floral designs on wall art and pillows. Purple flowers and vase situated beside a purple floor length window curtains

Luxury bedroom decor with rose gold padded bed, black walls, and bead strings curtaining the bed and chandelier above the bed

Dark purple-walled bedroom with white ceiling and bedding and a teal four poster bed

A simple bedroom with dark purple walls and decor with a hint of green for accent

Mauve walls, violet bedding, purple pillows and pink mixed with purple abstract wall art in this bold bedroom design

If you are looking for ideas ark purple walls of this bedroom purple and white padded headboard with a zebra print floor rug.

This bold bedroom has purple walls, pink bed end bench, purple and pink window curtains and black bed frame and padded headboard as tall as the bedroom ceiling.

Purple bedroom walls in floral pattern and light purple color sheer window curtains. This bedroom has color teal bedding, gold bedside table and floral pillows in yellow and green color.

A purple bedroom that has a mixed purple toned bedding. The highlight of this bedroom is the teal colored accent chair.

Dark purple tones on the carpet rug, dark purple bedroom walls, light purple bedding with green padded headboard.

Deep purple bedroom walls with blue upholstered headboard and with a wooden branch that acts as a holder for a lantern

A glamorous bedroom interior design with dark purple window curtains and bed set that serves as the highlight of the gray color bedroom design.

Lime green, blue and purple bedroom color scheme and vintage bed and bedside table.

Interior Designers Who Used Purple Color

Take the color purple down a notch and you would get a soothing vibe just like this bedroom. A muted shade of purple is used for the window curtains and an even lighter color on the pillow cases. The walls has a grey pattern that makes this purple bedroom calming.

Victorian interior design with floor-length window curtains with rich violet carpet and grand bedroom with canopy

This purple bedroom screams luxury and comfort. One of the design ideas in this interior design is the gold colored accents that could be seen on the walls and wall frame and to use purple as the main color scheme.

One of the many design ideas to give luxury in a purple bedroom is to use purple and gold color scheme just like this home decor.

A mixture of pink, red and violet decor in a bedroom

A lilac bedroom for girls with an animal pattern accent

Silver and light purple bedroom combination. This purple bedroom design has a white bed frame and purple bedding with ruffles. Silver carpet and furniture with a purple accent blanket.The go-to color scheme for purple bedroom ideas are pink and purple and, like this interior design, lilac and white. If you want a soothing purple bedroom, use purple on a lighter shade just like this home decor.

One of the usual purple bedroom ideas is the color purple to be combined with pink like this bedroom design. Purple walls in pattern and a bright purple color painted on the ceiling, this interior design went all out with purple.

Gorgeous bedroom purple wall pattern. The bedding and bed drapes of this purple bedroom is in a soft shade of purple. The twisted gold bed frame and purple walls with sakura blossom mural makes this bedroom whimsical.

The usual purple bedroom ideas that we see are through the usage of a light purple color. This interior design is not like that. This purple bedroom has dark purple walls that matches the bedding set. There is a brown African patterned headboard in this small but bold bedroom design.

The usual go-to color for girls bedroom ideas are color purple and pink. For this interior design, it is both. The bedroom walls are in pink, including the bedding, and the highlight of this bed is the pillows which is in deep purple. This bedroom’s accent wall has a gallery decor with a number of frames and gold mirror in the middle.


Grunge Purple Bedroom


When you like to create some purple bedroom ideas, this abstract marble effect of mixed pink, purple and blue displayed on a comforter would be a great addition to your room.

Blue and violet lights on a violet background displayed on a bed sheet

Purple stained glass design for a duvet cover

Palm trees in color purple designed on a queen sized comforter

Watercolor gradient design from yellow to violet on a duvet cover

Purple and blue galaxy colored design comforter


Purple Basketball Bedroom


Window Treatments

A window treatment that displays a purple night sky with twinkling stars can be a great addition to purple bedrooms.

Close up of lavender flower on a window curtain

Geometric shapes on a violet designed window valance

Lavender window valance with a touch of blue

This bright violet designed window drapes would be a great addition to a purple bedroom


Pink And Purple Bedroom


Floor Rugs

Colorful streaks of violet, yellow, blue and white on a custom sized floor mat

Violet butterfly art with white background on a round rug

Artwork of a purple clematis on an area rug

Stunning lavender field on a plush rug

Violet marble effect on a round rug with gold sparks

Purple Industrial Bedroom


Throw And Fleece Blankets

Colorful streaks of violet, yellow, blue and white on a custom sized floor mat

Violet butterfly art with white background on a round rug

Artwork of a purple clematis on an area rug

Stunning lavender field on a plush rug

Violet marble effect on a round rug with gold sparks


Purple Mermaid Bedroom

Wall Art

A painting of a woman in a field of flowers and lilac sky on a canvas wrap

A mixture of a lavender field and galaxy sky on a large wall tapestry

Captured beauty of the Northern Lights on a wall mural

Colorful autumn leaves in green, yellow and bright violet on a canvas wrap

A photo of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in purple hue on a large wall tapestry

A mermaid sitting on a rock with pastel hue in lilac displayed on a wall art

Pillow Shams And Throw Pillows

Pastel hued pillowcase with lilac background and painted candles

Plum grunge effect on a throw pillow

Black pillow sham with neon violet and turquoise circles

Lilac flowers on a pillow case

Glittery effect on a dark purple throw pillow

Watercolor painting of lavender field with a single tree in the middle displayed on a pillowcase


Violet Unicorn Bedroom


Bedroom Furnitures

Purple transparent bedside table

Mid century style ottoman with tufted top made of velvet fabric

2-in-1 small purple ottoman and storage

Upholstered purple rocking chair with lilac floral design and velvet material

Velvet sofa bed in violet

Children’s dream bed in lavender and pink and built in slide

Grape colored bunk bed made of wood perfect for shared rooms

Customizable fitted storage with sliding doors and purple floral design

Purple stool with heart shaped backrest with padded microfiber material

Violet french country styled armoire with 8 drawers

Bedroom Accessories

Violet padded headboard

Toys storage for children in pink and lavender with nine canvas bins in three layers

Do it yourself storage/cabinet in violet fabric

Lilac wall clock with fractal design

Violet and white dream catcher with white net and violet feathers

Tri-paneled violet floral room divider

Set of rectangular and square wooden wall racks in orange and wine color

Plum colored glass pendant lantern

Flower shaped metal wall art with mirror in the middle and gradient color effect for the petals

Table lamp with blackcurrant and dragonfly design

Purple glass chandelier with glass dangles and round ceiling canopy

Blackcurrant touch lamp with satin chrome base and faux silk lampshade

Purple princess design bed net from the ceiling enveloping the whole bed to prevent from mosquito bites

Gauze canopy in deep purple with butterflies attached

Tall purple crystal flower vase

Violet colored velvet button-tufted bed end bench

Purple Paint Colors

A mid-tone purple, purple poppy is drenched in rich undertones of blue and violet yet retains its delicate, dainty character.

A powdery midtoned violet is a perfect main wall. Touches of pastel greens add a natural touch into this space.

A deep, rich purple to conjure up a touch of drama

A dark, bright, dusty rose purple with a peony undertone.

A grayish purple that is redder, lighter, and stronger than telegraph blue, bluer and stronger than mauve gray or average orchid gray, and bluer, lighter, and stronger than average rose mauve


Grand Purple Bedroom


Grand Purple Bedroom