Teal Bedroom Ideas

Victorian themed tall and large master bedroom with teal color walls and ceiling and emerald green bedding and headboard fabric.

A teal bedroom with relaxing designs of paradise, flowers and tranquil places.

Teal and orange combination bedroom decor with a touch of Boho patterns. Orange painted walls highlighted with floor-length teal window curtain and 3-piece canvas wraps. Most designs of the bedroom decor show Boho floral in orange and teal.

Teal bedroom with some flower patterns to make the bedroom fresh and light.

A teal bedroom full of simple artistic patterns. Walls are decorated with artistic designs to highlight the teal walls. The different strokes in the bed spread’s design shows simplicity highlighted by dark blue throw pillows. There’s a metallic gleam to the plain design that is displayed on the area rug and the window curtain’s design has a smooth transition from blue to green.

Teal colored quilted bedding combined with old rose blanket and pillows. The wall color of this bedroom design in old rose and the door is in teal color

If you are on the look out for design ideas on how to decorate a small bedroom, this dark teal bedroom design might be the one you are searching for. A gray-walled room with dark colored designs on the bedding, rugs and floor-length window curtains.


A bedroom decor for girls with a combination of teal and pink colored bedroom products. When you think about bedroom ideas for girls, teal would not be the go to color theme. This bedroom design is created to serve as an inspiration or other design ideas for someone who is looking for a girls bedroom design.

The duvet and pillow cover set has Mediterranean pattern with white trim and brushed silver and gold accents that makes this room sparkle. Throw pillow cover and curtain have those geometric shapes to add character to the room while those rugs matches perfectly the teal motif of the bedroom.

The walls and window are all displayed with a simple grey and teal design of bricks and chevron. A tree design is showcased in the middle of the bedroom wall and the only design that will be seen in the bedroom to focus more on the color combination and simplicity.

A completely teal bedroom theme from walls, rugs, and bed, with a purple for accent.

Teal bedroom with a wonderful floral artwork placed at the center, a wall tapestry that exhibits a close up photograph of an orchid with a dark green background and patterned designs for the floor rugs and window curtain. The bed has a plain but glittery teal bedding and pillow cases and is highlighted with old rose throw pillows.

Beautiful views of waterfalls and sea are displayed on the white walls. Ripples of water, a glacier and plants for the bed and floor rugs to show that nature’s beauty is everywhere.

The intricate pattern and prints on the bedding is truly unique to the eyes giving it a royalty feel. The wall decor brings you to Asia where they have beautiful sacred golden temples and the floor rugs perfectly match the entire theme of the bedroom giving it a grandiose design.

Beautiful bedroom with princess bed with white princess bed curtain with matching window curtains and same colored ceiling

Blue bedroom wall paint with blue and gray bedroom decor. This bedroom has blue and gray color scheme with a bit of rustic furniture.

A traditional bedroom with teal wall paint and green velvet carpet and furniture.

Turquoise and silver bedroom decor with teal chaise lounge bed as the bedroom’s accent.


Interior Designers Who Use Teal

Moroccan bedroom design in teal color. This bedroom has teal wall color, striking maroon window curtains and colorful bedding

A corner room showcasing gray walls with gold room highlights and teal-colored accent chair and pillow

A picture of a designer’s bedroom with matching color teal quilt and pillows which also match the streaks design on the carpet

A room with aqua color walls, ceiling and carpet

Teal pattern wallpaper, bedside furniture and pillows

A bedroom decor with teal floral floor-length window curtains, teal bedding, pillows and chair

Kid’s room with teal colored wall art at both sides of the bed

A bedroom with a mixture of blue, green, teal and pink decor. This gorgeous master bedroom has dark blue walls, green padded bed and teal window curtains.

Teal satin drapes and colored walls on an industrial style room

Soothing room with teal chairs and gray walls and furniture

Teal-walled bedroom with black bedding, pillows and teal throw pillow

Team Masters Bedroom




Teal colored comforter with a floral-like design from the middle spreading to the corners

Gradient teal design with sparkling light bokeh on a comforter

Teal, green and blue square abstract design on a duvet cover

Grunge teal abstract design on a comforter

Teal bokeh design with small hearts on the bed sheet


Teal And Old Rose


Bedroom Furniture

Plain teal armchair

Chalk painted teal dresser with gold handle

Twin sized fabric bed frame with tufted headboard

Dark teal accent chair

Lighted teal vanity dresser with that looks like a tower that comes together with a matching cushioned stool


Teal Walls Bedroom


Window Treatments

Green and teal floral pattern on a window curtain

White floral design with teal, blue and green striped background for a window curtain

Teal and gray wavy lines on a two panel window curtain

A photo of teal stormy sea displayed on a window curtain

Plain teal window curtains with thin white lines


Wall Art

An artwork of different shades of tropical leaves displayed on a canvas wrap

An abstract art of sea waves on a wall tapestry

Teal canvas wrap with flowers

Captured photo of a backpacker in front of mountains and teal lake showcased on a canvas wrap

Lavender flowers and lavender lighted candle on a teal platform designed on a large wall tapestry


Regal Bedroom




Fleece And Throw Blankets

Heart pattern teal throw blanket

Teal design with gray diagonal lines on a fleece blanket

Teal and gray argyle throw blanket

Teal and white maze design on a throw blanket

Teal wooden blanket design


Pillowcases And Throw Pillows

Teal tiles designed on a throw pillow

Throw pillow with sparkling teal design

Teal spirals or gust of wind pattern displayed on a pillowcase

White pillowcase with teal petal vector art

Teal throw pillow with abstract design that resembles the galaxy


Colored Teal Bedroom




Artistic Bedroom In Teal


Floor Rugs

Teal round rug with a gold wave accents

Teal area rug with pink geometric shape designs

Simple area rug with abstract geometric design in teal

Classic pattern in teal for a floor mat with darken edges

Teal flower design on a white plush rug


Teal and Grey Bedroom




Nature Bedroom in Teal



Chic Teal Bedroom


Bedroom Accessories

Teal vase with corals and fish designs

A simple sheer bed canopy in teal

24″ table lamp with teal-colored body and transparent glass base

Teal round mirror with stained glass frame design

Teal Ceramic Glaze 30-inch Table Lamp


Dark Teal Bedroom




Serenity Teal Room




Floral Teal Room




Teal With A Touch Of Gold Room




Mediterranean Teal Room




Bohemian Room In Teal Color