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Lion Window Curtains

Lion styled custom size curtains are made to order in ANY size you need, in sheer or sun block out fabrics.

Lions are unsurpassed as a symbol of power, courage and ferocity, but are also graceful, agile, and beautiful animals. Enjoy the sight of these incredible creatures by decorating your home with our lion themed window curtains. If you are a lover of wildlife, choose a set of custom lion window curtains or drapes to add a sense of excitement and danger to your living room, bedroom or rec room. To feel the intensity and strength of a lion, pick a window curtains displaying a close up photo of a young lion baring its massive teeth, glaring with fiery yellow eyes, and contorting its long tongue inside of its mouth as it lets out a roar of rage.

If you prefer a gentler scene of lions, we have window curtains featuring a sleek and muscular mother lion straddling two rocks at the edge of a forest while she licks the top of the head of her little cub, who is standing between her front paws. Kids love things that are the biggest and best, and so they love lions, the kings of the jungle. Help your kids learn to appreciate nature with a set of lion window curtains.

Ideal curtain designs for kids include a funny picture of a male lion squinting his eyes and grimacing with half his mouth, a baby lion cub showing off his white teeth as he opens his little jaws and growls, and a lion couple relaxing side by side on tan soil. For little kids, we have custom sized window curtains that depict cartoon lions, such as a smiling orange lion with a round brown mane, a simply drawn lion with a circular head and a surprised look on his face, or a golden and yellow lion with big brown eyes trotting toward you across a field of brown grass.

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