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Hyena Rugs

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Hyenas are cunning predators who can give a hard time to the King of the jungle as well. Although they are capable of hunting on their own, they won’t. They will move in groups and try to get hold of other predators’ hunt. They are so smart that they can even scare away the lions, and pose great threat to lion cubs. These wild dogs also have a distinct laugh and each of their sounds is different from one another. The sound of their laugh represents their social status.

A lion hides in the bushes eyeing its prey from a distance. It makes no sound and patiently waits for the right moment. When it sees that its prey has no clue that it is being watched, it runs as fast as it can to grab the prey with its big paws and puncture its skin with its claws. It struggles to grab the prey’s neck with its solid jaws to suffocate it to death. But all this hard work goes to waste when a group of hyenas spot free food and starts to bug the lion so much that it decides to give up on its hard-earned food.

Our hyena rugs present the perfect images of the life of hyenas and how they laugh, relax, hunt, tease, and socialize. These rugs are perfect for those interested in wildlife and adding a unique look in their homes. You can also get a rug of your desired hyena picture by uploading the image.

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