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Hyena Blankets

Moving in groups in the jungle, hyenas are wild dogs that no animal wants to mess with. They are fast, intelligent, and very cunning, and can grab a hold of other predators’ prey, leaving them with no option but to leave their catch. Their body language is also quite fierce as seen in our striped hyena blankets, and if you love the way these wild dogs rule the jungle and even the big cats, you definitely need to get these blankets for your room.

Female hyenas often rule the pack and the male hyenas are often scared of them. These female dogs are vicious and have the ability to threaten any animal in the jungle. Just like a mother protects her child from evil, female hyenas protect their cubs from other predators in the jungle which is perfectly represented in our female hyena with a cub blankets. She keeps a watchful eye on her cub and doesn’t let it go far. She doesn’t even let male hyenas come close to her cubs. Our spotted hyena blankets show the fiercest hyenas among all. These spotted hyenas are more aggressive and cunning than others, and can give a tough fight to big jungle cats as well.

They are so vicious that even the lions have to keep their cubs protected from them as they are capable of hunting them down. If you want your child to learn about wildlife and the different animals that live in the jungle, our cartoon hyena walking isolated blankets will be perfect for your little one’s room.

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