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Orangutan Rugs

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Our Orangutan Rugs will make a great welcoming mat and a room décor piece. Our collection of Orangutan Rugs display these furry creatures, hanging down from a tree, an infant playing with his mother’s hair, and an orangutan, lying on a rock and dreaming of fruits, at sunset. Parents who like the bond between an orangutan and their baby should see our rugs, depicting a mother, carrying its baby on its back or the image of two hands, holding each other.

Other adorable pictures, depicting the mother and child bond, are of a baby orangutan kissing its mother and a mother and child, curled up next to each other. From the pictures in our collection, it is safe to assume that orangutans are lazy animals. They are always lying down on a tree branch, on a bed of grass, or on top of a tree.

When they are young, they love to play on ropes in the zoo and on vines and tree branches in the forest. Sometimes, you will the orangutans goofing around as you can see from the picture, featuring the animal, wearing a dirty white cloth over its head in the forest.

They like to watch the environment below them from on top of a tree. You can find them alone or with their mate. You can tell the difference in the gender of the orangutan easily. All the images, featuring orangutans with long red hair are females while others with short red hair are males. You can customize the rugs with a picture of your own.

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