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Zebra Rugs

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Zebras are among the most popular of African wildlife and always a sought out view on any African safari. Though they are similar to horses in many ways the zebra is easily set apart from any breed of horses by their special fur coat of patterned black and white stripes that ensures that they stand out no matter what terrain or setting they are in and serves to confuse any predator that is looking for a meal. Due to this special pattern zebras are also set apart by being a major source of fashion inspiration that almost no other animal can match. A zebra rug from VisionBedding adds that special finishing touch to any African or zebra themed room with a personalized flair as you can add text and alterations.

For zebra lovers everywhere a group of three zebras lined up and facing the camera in a white background making their pattern of stripes stand out even more than normal is a great way to add a touch of the African wild to a room with a custom rug that is sure to be enjoyed. To add a bit of color to all those black and white stripes two zebras among a bright blue sky are a great addition to a zebra themed room that needs a touch of color among all those stripes along with a personalized feel.

A pair of zebras in an open brown grass field with one affectionately grooming the other's mane gives a friendly view of the wild to add that special touch to any custom rug that makes a great choice for any children's room. A compassionate zebra and a sociable giraffe almost touching noses and surely having a good time amongst friends makes for a lovable combination and a unique rug any child will love to have in their room.

To add an artistic appeal to a teenagers room a watchful zebra with ears perked up and keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary all in a setting of black and white brings a creative feel to custom one of a kind rug to set apart any teens room. For the caring teenage girl who loves animals and a bit of motherly love a mother zebra watching over her little one and giving an animal hug makes for a rug that can't be found anywhere else. Also be sure to check out zebra themed bedding and pillows!

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