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Spider Rugs

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Spiders might be scary, but they are definitely fascinating. The different colors on the body of a tarantula makes us admire the beautiful creation of nature. Our tarantula on leaf rugs showcases the mesmerizing colors and patterns on these 8-legged creatures. The spider web rugs represent the amazing web that spiders make to catch their food, which is mostly smaller insects and flies.

If you want to inspire your child with the true beauty of nature, our spider rugs will do that really well. These creatures are smart, and because they have four set of eyes, they can easily keep an eye out predators and prey. The jumping spider rugs showcase the fighting posture of a spider. These creatures can be vicious, and yet, there is a beauty to them that can be observed if you look at their web – it is so intricate and perfectly symmetrical. They stay in their web waiting for a fly to try and pass through it, only to find out that it is stuck and now will be eaten as dinner or lunch.

Spiders have a very scary look with their eight long legs and bodies covered with hair. The ones that live in forests are larger than those we normally find at home. They are fierce and can give any insect their size a good fight. Their look is what makes them perfect for Halloween, speaking of which, our minimal Halloween background spider makes for a perfect theme accessory to add spookiness to any space.

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