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Moose Rugs

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Take a trip to Alaska without leaving your home. Walk into an outdoor themed room and be greeted with a giant moose rug. Usually it is a moose head on the wall that greets you eye to eye when you enter into a hunters room, but with a stylish moose area rug, it can greet your feet too. Plus, with a rug, you can feature more than one animal in a small area.

Hunters, outdoorsmen, and animal lovers alike will all appreciate the majestic beauty of the moose. These strong and powerful animals are the largest extant species in the deer family. They are so big that they can stand over six feet at the shoulder, why not put this impressive animal on a rug to meet your guests at the door.

While meeting a moose in the wild is very dangerous, there is nothing dangerous about using them as a rug in your home decor. There are a lot of options when it comes to moose. Whether animated or pictured in the wild, you will find a moose design just how you imagine.

Having been a staple in the diet of the Rhode Island based Native Americans, these regal beasts have a large heritage in our country. They were highly prized for their leather. You can appreciate this animal in a different way though through pictures and photographs on your moose carpet rug.

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