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Moose Blankets

Bring a moose out of the green river and onto your bed with a custom fleece blanket. Leave a pair of them under pastel skies and leafy silhouettes. Lead them from green islands across a lake of blue or leave their fuzzy hats and dark coats in fields of bright green grass. Put those mocha palms between golden grasses and green trees on a custom size moose bed blanket.

Reach out and touch the fuzzy knobs of its antlers. Put the shine of its long nose in jungle green, and leave the soft brown coral on its head against a glow of silver pond and golden mossy fields. From soft little colts on a grassy bed to a caramel moose swimming across a river of olive, these custom size moose blankets put their fuzzy antlers on your bed.

Crown the gray and brown hair of a moose with white clamshells while it munches a succulent twig. Put Bullwinkle on a skating rink. Leave soft flat branches on either side of its head as a moose chills in a river, its long soft brown nose beneath long eyelashes.

Put a moose on a Canadian postage stamp. Trot one across fields of lavender and leave it in a pond edged with tall green reeds in a green forest. From a pair of moose silhouetted against the blue and white of Northern climes to a baby moose in bright greens with full-grown antlers, blanket yourself with a custom moose and snuggle up to its soft coat.

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