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Lizard Rugs

Have you ever seen a cute green lizard surfing the waves on an orange surfboard? Or a smiling gecko playing soccer? Have you met high-powered businessman Mr. Chameleon? You can now. Your favorite lizards and geckos can be permanent critters in your home, imprinted on any size lizard area rug in full color. There are over 5,600 species of lizard that can be found living everywhere except Antarctica.

For the lizard lover the possibilities are endless. You can choose a multicolored life-like chameleon resting on a flower, or images of geckos inlayed in contrasting colors, American Indian style. Black and white, neon, and rainbow colored.

The colors and styles for these lizard rugs are endless. Adorable designs can go in the kids room as well. For a playroom or nursery rug a big-eyed cartoon chameleon would be perfect with a green or blue motif.

A giant swimming gecko area rug would go great next to the swimming pool, and there are plenty of options for added creativity whether you're creating a jungle, forest, or desert themed lizard rug. If you have ever wanted to have a lizard as a pet but could never decide on what kind, look no further. There are over 160 lizard designs to choose from or you can use an image of your very own.

Did you take pictures of lizards on your last trip to Hawaii? What about that komodo dragon you captured at the zoo? There are numerous pictures of chameleons grasping tree limbs or resting on greenery. Not to mention an array of background colors to complement any shade of critter on your lizard themed rug.

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