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Lizard Blankets

Like little dinosaurs, lizards show a part of the ancient history of life on Earth. If you or someone special in your life love these amazing creatures, show it with our custom furry fleece lizard blankets. Choose a blanket designed with photographic images of an orange lizard hanging onto a branch as he looks down at a reflection of himself scattered in rippling water, a green and purple lizard scowling at you from a gnarled branch, a green chameleon darting out its long purple tongue to precisely catch a fly, or a green female garden lizard clinging to a tree trunk with her slender claws. As bizarre looking as lizards are, their babies are still cute, as you can see on our blanket design of a baby chameleon crawling on a leaf and looking upward with its tail curled up behind him.

If you want to amaze your friends, hang a throw blanket on your wall or couch showcasing the incredible dragon lizard as it spreads out its leathery mane and bares its teeth, a sleek black and yellow salamander crawling on a big leaf, or the beautiful layers of purple, blue, green and red scales of an iguana. For a humorous blanket, we have lizard designs including real lizards dressed with a karate headband and belt or a tiny cell phone, tie and briefcase, as well as illustrated lizards doing hilarious things such as a dragon skateboarding, riding a scooter or pushing a shopping cart, or a gecko standing on one hand and waving at you. For a more abstract blanket design, you will love the pattern of the tiny scales covering a close-up shot of a chameleons swirling tail.

Add something completely different than humans to your life with our lizard blankets.

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