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Lizard Pillows

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Lizards are ancient, cold-blooded creatures, reminding us of a time before humans, when dinosaurs ruled the world. With our wide array of designs for lizard pillows, you can enjoy what makes lizards one of your favorite types of animals. A young chameleon sits on a branch, with bulging eyes and grimaced jaw, his tale curled up behind him and one claw scratching his chin. Right now he's pale blue; which color will he turn next? Do you prefer a chameleon that is green like the stem and leaf he is perched on? Or do you want a pillow displaying the photographic image of a an incredible lizard with a Mohawk-like ridge on his head, tiny black eyes and skin colored in swirls of orange, blue, yellow and green? How about a lizard catching a fly on the end of his remarkably long purple tongue? Unlike mammals, reptiles seem almost alien to us, and that makes it especially funny when we think of lizards as doing human things.

For hilarious pillow designs to liven up your living room as throw pillows or give you a laugh before you go to sleep, select from our many comical lizards pillows, including a lizard standing on his hind feet, wearing a tie and holding a tiny cell phone and briefcase in his hands. Or a cartoon lizard surfing, which kids would love as well. We have pillow lizard designs perfect for any occasion.

For a romantic gift, we have two lizards clinging to a giant red heart and gazing lovingly at each other. For a more artistic pillow, we have designs of the black outline of lizards decorated with flowers and vines or abstract patterns. Lizards come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes, and our custom lizard pillow designs reflect that diversity, so choose the ones you want now.

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