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Peacock Bedding

Peacock bedding can bring home the unique and natural feathered patterns of these beautiful birds. Peacocks have always been known for their brightly colored blue and green tail feathers that spread in a wide colorful arc. This creates a unique and beautiful decorative style found nowhere else in nature. Adding rarity to their splendor makes them even more highly valued and they are most frequently only found in zoos and at a few upper class parks where they can be kept confined. Because of their beautiful appearance these designs remain a popular style unlikely to fade away anytime soon and in turn a popular inspiration for fashion trends and home decor as well.

VisionBedding brings these striking designs home for a unique style of custom Peacock bedding. For the traditional appearance of beauty and elegance a well lit array of feathers spread behind a perfectly posed bird on a bright green shade of grass makes for a comforter or duvet cover design that is truly unique and one any teen girl would be glad to have on her bed. A pattern of circularly arranged tail feathers forming a star shaped center over a faded blue background adds a special touch to a custom peacock pillow design fit to personalize any bedroom.

To match a bedroom of any color or style an arrangement of feathers in a circular arrangement in a color set to match creates a custom peacock duvet cover or comforter that will fit into the style of any boy or girls bedroom while a series of feathers gathered around the edge of a square pattern in peacock style with a purple tinge makes for a unique style of one of a kind bedding a girl can enjoy and never grow out of. All of these designs can also be made into peacock wall art creating an elegant peacock themed bedroom.

A blurred peacock feather with a bright red center gives a cool style with wild undertones making for a custom peacock Bedding design that is truly one of a kind bringing a sense of personalization to a room that adds a special touch. If it’s the peacocks themselves that are loved than a close up of an excited bird prancing around to show off his feathers is the right design to suit a bird lovers bedding. There truly is no more unique style of bedding than the photographic peacock designs found at VisionBedding.com!

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