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Peacock Rugs

Feathers are at an all-time high in the fashion world. Join your style with what is chic with VisionBedding's peacock rugs. These rugs allow you to use the most natural forms of beauty in your decorating style. And who does feathers better than the regal peacock? Be as proud as a peacock when your friends come through your door and see one of these beautiful rugs gracing your floor.

Illustrations of peacock feathers as if in a flower bouquet, photographs of peacocks in full tail flair, and drawings of these breathtaking birds in profile are only a few of our myriad design options.  But if these aren't floating your feathers, then why not design your own?  Here at VisionBedding, we offer full customization and personalization options for peacock designs that are as unique as their particular patterns.  Clean up peacock images by changing the luminance and hue until they are black and white.  A timeless monochrome peacock will result, creating a design pattern that displays your unique artistry.  Add a custom message below to personalize the rug to the peacock lover in your home. Take that photo from the zoo you've been saving and layer it onto a rug.  Collect the rest of your peacock photos to create a theme that is tailored to your design needs.

Our rugs come in custom sizes too, so your ability to alter or create designs is as unparalleled as the peacock's beauty in nature.  Try an area rug with two peacocks looking proudly at one another, go with a round rug featuring the close-up of the feathered eye on a peacock's tail, make things as comfy as feathers with a plush rug emblazoned with textured peacock feathers.  Keep your feet under you with a floor mat that displays a peacock looking proudly out over the blue water.

Peacock rugs can create a theme in any space, or even highlight an existing theme in your home.  Whether you pick the entire bird or just a close up of a few feathers, this stunning art will leave an impression on those who see it. These peacock-themed rugs even look comfortable through a computer screen! Feathers are soft and delicate and tired feet everywhere are aching to stand on something that can be described the same way. These are the perfect rugs to greet you at the end of a long and tiring day.  They can great your guests as well if you decide to theme your entryway in peacock.  Try out a rec room with an animal theme that uses multi-colored peacock rugs to tie the space together.  Your theme choices are as varied as there are colors on a peacock's tail.

Our peacock rugs are ideal for the fashion conscious members of your household.  You'll end up on the cutting edge of artistic design when it comes to these feathered patterns.  Add a rug to your stylish teenager's room, or if you're the one with a fashion sense, put a peacock rug in your bedroom and peacock themed curtains in the living room to start conversations and create comfort as well. Whether you are looking for soft and comfortable or envy and awe, these unique peacock rugs can provide your room with both. Impress your friends and family the same way a peacock impresses its mate: with breathtaking colors and brilliant hues.

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