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Peacock Blankets

Peacocks are famous for not being afraid to show off their physical beauty, and now you can display your own confidence with our custom furry fleece peacock blankets. For a full view of this beautiful bird, choose a blanket featuring an illustration of a peacock perched on a leaf-covered tree branch as it gazes out at the light blue sea, a giant pink rose beside a peacock looking into the distance and standing on a grassy slope that is designed like his feathers, or a peacock spreading its feathers wide and strutting towards you. We also have blanket designs with a close-up of a peacocks blue face, white beak and the intricate feathers circling his head, or a photographic image of a proud peacock with all of its feathers folded up upon its back. Or you can decorate the couch and walls with throw blankets depicting the design of a peacocks feathers alone, without the head and body of the animal.

We have unique designs including an illustration of peacock feathers arranged symmetrically into a star shape, a peacock feather that could be used as a quill lying on an old sheet of paper, the close-up of a single peacock feather, showcasing its incredible eye-like shape, a bundle of nestled together peacock feathers, three green, brown and blue plumes contrasted to a violet background, a stream of feathers set against deep blue, or a lone peacock feather blowing in the breeze and glowing softly in warm sunlight. Peacocks are a symbol of pride. You may not like to strut around and puff out your own feathers, but you can certainly be proud of your home and decorate it with our peacock bed and throw blankets.

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