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Peacock Window Curtains

  • Custom Size Window Curtains Made To Order In Variety of Fabrics Including Full Block Out Curtains, Drapes, & Valances

Peacocks possess one of the most beautiful patterns in nature, making an ideal design for home decor, such as in our peacock themed window curtains and drapes. If you want to convey the sense of pride and confidence that peacocks are famous for in your bedroom, choose a set of peacock window curtains that show this fantastic bird in all of its glory. We have a window curtain design that features a photo centered around the bright blue body of a male peacock, with the rest of the image covered by the elaborate pattern of a peacock's fan of green, gray and yellow feathers. If you love the eye-like pattern of peacock's feathers but prefer a different color scheme to suit your bedroom decor, we also have custom peacock window curtains that come in different shades of blue or a blend of red, yellow and orange.

Choose an effervescent and ethereal peacock window curtain or drape design for your living room to create a bright and intriguing mood. We have a pattern that displays three separate peacock feathers spread out over a tan and white background or a close up of a single peacock feather painted in water color style, with its flowing bands of red, blue and green contrasted to a pure white background. You can also choose custom size window curtains that feature a geometric design formed from peacock feathers, such as eight peacock feathers forming the eight points of a symmetrical star.

Peacock feathers are as beautiful and dynamic as flowers, and we have a window curtain design that depicts a bundle of these lovely feathers held together like a bouquet. Kids also love these strange animals, and will appreciate a set of window curtains that display a peacock strutting through a field of grass.

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