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Girls truly have an eye for decor, so it is important to be creative and chic when decorating the home to show off your sense of style. One way to be completely unique in decorating is to take a more bohemian approach. Peacock shower curtains are a great way to go about this in that they look sophisticated but also very cool. After all, the peacock is representative of uniqueness and individuality.

One gorgeous design of peacock shower curtains is simply a cream-colored curtain with a few large peacock feathers strewn across it. Their beautiful shape and rich green and blue hues make this for a great focal point for the bathroom. It is a design around which decorating is quite easy.

Furthermore, the colors make this piece a very sophisticated addition to the home, as it is unique without being too loud. One of these bathroom shower curtains which is a bit similar in design features a bunch of large feathers strewn across the entirety of the area. However, this design focuses a bit more on the shape of the feathers rather than their colors.

Instead, the piece has been manipulated and tinted into a cohesive blue and green fade, and the feathers are more like subtle shadows in the grand scheme of the design There are many people who simply think that this bird is a beautiful creature and want to represent it in its natural form. There are peacock shower curtains which simply show off the bird as it stands showing off with its feathers spread out. This is one of the more colorful designs, as these creatures are quite vibrant by nature.

Choosing something like this will really show that you are not afraid to make a statement of style. A final, simplistic approach to this sort of shower curtain is one that flaunts a single feather which is as large as the curtain itself. This feather has not been manipulated to depict any certain color.

Rather, the viewer is meant to appreciate the appeal of the close-up and all the designs and colors that appear on their own in nature. It is a great design because it designates a color scheme for you around which to decorate the rest of the room. Peacock shower curtains are the perfect bohemian touch to the sophisticated and modern home.

They are contemporary without focusing too heavily on clean lines and bold accents as many modern designs do. Instead, they bring the beauty of nature into the home and truly make a person appreciate the things that occur on Earth without any manipulation from artists. The result will be beautiful peacock bathroom decor that turns a plain bath area into one that anyone would enjoy spending time in.

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