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Rainbow Rugs

Somewhere over the rainbow, there is the perfect rug waiting for you. Rainbow rugs are a colorful, happy addition to any room. What you may not realize is that rainbows are not just for little girls and Care Bears anymore. These rugs are more than just colors in the shape of a rainbow they are designed in a variety of ways to fit your own tastes.

Follow the yellow brick road to take a look at our large selection of colorful rainbow rugs. Colors have a profound influence over a persons mood. Yellow captures happiness and brings a joyful ambiance felt by anyone who enters the room.

Blue brings a peaceful, relaxing state which is why it is so highly recommended to use as a paint color on the walls of a bedroom. The most restful color to the eye is green, combining the effects of both yellow and blue. Capture the essence of all these great colors with a rainbow rug! Mixing colors can bring some positive outcomes to a room.

With so many different options when it comes to colors, sometimes it becomes overwhelming to pick the right one. This is why sometimes it is so much easier to pick all of them! If rainbows can pull off so many colors at once, why cant a single room? These rainbow rugs can be a great way to tie them all together. There are a lot of different options to display the rainbow colors.

The standard rainbow (or even a double rainbow) is a remarkable way to portray these vibrant colors, whether drawn or photographed. But there's no reason to limit yourself to one common image. Whether using a prism, balloons, or hand prints, colors can bring a happy feeling to any area rug.

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