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Rainbow Bath Decor

Rainbow Shower Curtains

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There are a number of instances where rainbow shower curtains would be the appropriate choice in decoration. For some, it it is the easiest way to make the atmosphere of the bathroom more colorful without having to invest in lots of different accessories. Others may find that these are the perfect focal points for bathrooms for teens. Either way, there is no denying that these designs are the most vibrant and cheerful around.

Simple rainbow shower curtains are perfect for many situations. These simply display a light blue background to represent the sky and a large, arching rainbow covering the entirety of the surface area. There are no other themes in this image, so it can be incorporated into a plain design scheme or one that has to do with weather or outdoors.

These still incorporate color without being too overwhelming. Designs of more contemporary shower curtains might lean a little more toward the abstract. These designs are probably the ones that teens will be more privy to, because they are just as unique and individualistic as they are colorful.

One of these unique designs features a lime which has been cut in half. The different sections of the inside of the fruit are each tinted a different color so that side-by-side, they resemble a rainbow. Another more abstract design for rainbow shower curtains features all the colors of ROY G.

BIV in the form of smoke. On a white background, a single swirl of a smoke-like design drifts upward. It starts out as red, fading into orange, yellow, green, blue, and then violet.

The fade of the colors makes the image very aesthetically appealing, and the abstract element of the picture is sure to be found cool by any teen. There are then rainbow shower curtains which focus more on the elements of nature. One example shows a sky which is gray, obviously because it has just rained or stormed.

At the horizon it meets a stretch of green grass. Then, across the entirety of the shower curtain, a thin but vibrant rainbow stretches and joins the sky and ground. This is perfect for a family bathroom with an outdoor theme.

If you are drawing a blank on how to add some color into a blank or basic decoration scheme in your bathroom, look no further. Rainbow shower curtains are perfect -- you cannot go wrong because every rainbow is colorful! Teenagers will love incorporating all the colors of the light spectrum into their own bathrooms because it will make the room feel super cool, but anyone can enjoy showing off the wonders of nature.

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