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Flamingo Rugs

The flamingo is a very social bird and lives in large colonies numbering in the thousands. Its a tall, pink, bird indigenous to tropical regions but adaptable to most areas in the world, and, in some situations, can be a symbol of love. Imagine two flamingos with beaks touching, and the natural arc of their necks makes a beautiful heart shape. Its an image from nature that can be captured and shared on a flamingo themed rug.

One of the most interesting birds in the world is the flamingo. A beach house with an area rug and matching window valences in the living room can display a beach full of pink flamingos. These birds are interesting to look at, especially grouped together grazing in a little pond as they all stand with one leg up.

A fun image of pink feathers and black beaks would be a very welcome sight on a bathroom floor or by the swimming pool. Baby birds for the baby's room? Picture a pyramid of cute zoo animals, an elephant, hippo, alligator, and then a baby flamingo on top. This cartoon designed flamingo rug would beautifully complement any nursery or playroom.

An image of a pink bird in the blue ocean would go well in any space. Sandy beaches, palm trees bending in a salty breeze, and flamingo birds dozing in a warm sunset. Display flamingos in any room for a tropical, relaxing atmosphere.

Whether its a pink plastic lawn ornament, or a durable, plush carpet rug for your home, the flamingo is a stunning, and unique bird that can add color and style to your decor.

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