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Flamingo Backdrops

Looking for a special photographer backdrop to make your photo studio stand out.  We carry over 500 Flamingo themed designs to choose from which can shape a truly imaginative photo shoot.  All of our photographer backdrops can be custom size from small as a few feet to to as wide as you need. We have the capability to make a massive backdrop for your store or even a theatre backdrop as well.  We have a variety of backdrop materials to serve a multitude of projects from outdoor use to full sun block out, to shield from the sun.

Perhaps one of the most unusual and majestic animals to be found, the flamingo helps make a wonderful setting with our custom sized backdrops. Always adored by the young and old, the flamingo makes a perfect exotic photo backdrop. These birds are elusive when wild and captivating at the zoo, a symbol of the diversity found in nature and the enchantment it gives us. Capture this truly unique pink bird with our photo backdrops, individually printed for your collection with an array of flamingo themed imagery.

Stand next to this rare avian animal in an impossibly close way beside a sunset or mirrored pond, or glimpse the flamingo taking flight as the tropical setting sun splashes color across the sky. Our custom size photo backdrops can be distinguished with a variety of images sporting the classic image of a flamingo, one leg lifted in graceful balance. We also have more abstracted images when you need a less photographic representation of this one of a kind animal.

Browse our collection of printable images and find what is right for you. Standing alone in the shallow waters, the elegant flamingo is fascinating above the mirrored water. The flamingo barely makes a movement upon the crystal pond, creating a stillness rarely found in nature and excellent as a backdrop.

With many different color themes suitable as a photographer backdrop, choose the image perfect for you. Looking for a background landscape dotted with these beautiful birds? Maybe a pair of flamingoes, necks arched to form a romantic heart shape, is what you need as a photo backdrop. When resting, the downy flamingo is pure plush pink.

Use the unique colors to enhance portraits and photos on our custom sized photographer backdrops. Usually only found in captivity and in such remote places as the Chilean or African bush, obtain your very own flamingo styled custom backdrop.

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