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Animal Backdrops

VisionBedding's animal backdrops will make every photo shoot feel on-location in the forest, even from the comfort of your studio.  Our animal backdrop designs are sure to be a hit for subjects of any age, because who doesn't love animals?  From illustrations of psychedelic butterflies to nature shots of running bobcats, our backdrops will be sure to add a touch of the wildlife to your shoots.

Whether you're a big cat lover, a bird fan, or just a photographer who knows where the market is going, our animal backdrops could be an integral part of your photography.  We have cats wrapped in blankets, and cheetahs wrapped in nothing but their beautiful fur.  We have cows and crabs, ferrets and flamingos, and even hyenas!  But, if our Noah's Ark of animals doesn't fit your tastes, then why not create a custom backdrop that will?  Our animal images range from moody to whimsical and either option can yield pictures strong as the gorillas hanging out in the background.  Pick an illustrated armadillo and alter the luminance so its scales shine brightly as armor, or reimage the sea with a custom picture added to our underwater seascapes.  Or, since we know you have beautiful pictures of your own, why not try creating a backdrop that features one of your own animal shots? 

And if you want to follow your instincts even past design, our products can be customized in size as well.  You might need one big as an elephant or small as a field mouse, so why not add those designs onto your custom sized backdrops or even a wall canvas?

Photography shoots can become elevated as a giraffe's neck when they include a theme.  Why not try a selection of different backdrops to help you create a jungle theme, farm theme, or any theme that you think will have your subject's howling?  Try for horses rhinos for a four-legged them, or maybe sharks and seals for a wet predator and prey theme.

These backdrops are perfect for amateur and professional photographers both... or anyone else who has noticed how much we humans love our animal counterparts.  With your photography subjects standing in front of your animal backdrops, you won't have a problem getting them to focus or pay attention.  They won't be saying cheese, but you'll have them roaring with fun as they release their inner animal for your art.

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