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Ladybug Backdrops

Do you have a goal for that one of a kind backdrop to make your portrait studio stand out from the competition.  We have over 650 Ladybug themed patterns to select from which can generate a truly unique photo shoot.  All of our photographer backdrops can be made in a custom size from tiny to 20 feet tall. We have the facility to create a massive backdrop for your business or even a theatre backdrop as well.  We have mutliple backdrop fabric options to serve a wide range of functions from outdoor use to full sun block out, to shield from the sun.

Gentle, round, red and polka dotted, ladybugs are the cutest bugs in the world. So make sure that you can offer kids and even adult photo subjects our ladybug backdrops. For little girls, use a custom backdrop that features two pairs of adorable blue or pink ladybugs with black spots. These funny bugs big bulging white eyes, long legs, and are set on a bright green background beside white and pink or blue and yellow flowers.

Another great photo backdrop to get your young subjects smiling shows three cartoon ladybugs in different silly poses. Boys will especially love these backdrops, with one ladybug grinning widely as he hangs upside down from a stem, another waving his hands in the air and sticking out his tongue, and the third looking at you with a huge and mischievous smile. Older kids want photographer backdrops that display detailed photo images of ladybugs.

On one of our custom sized backdrops, a single ladybug is seen with its blood red exoskeleton, black spots and tiny yellow eyes set in sharp contrast to a white background. On another backdrop, a ladybug is pictured walking down a green blade of grass, which provides the perfect place to pose your subject in the empty arc beneath it. Teenage girls will want to have their picture taken in front of a ladybug backdrop that depicts two of these cute little creatures in a romantic scene.

The tiny pair is rubbing their antennae together as they stand atop the white petals of two chamomile flowers. Another backdrop that is ideal for Valentines Day shows an array of ladybugs arranged together in a heart shape. One of our most popular ladybug backdrops for women displays three ladybugs flying on a sunny summer afternoon.

You can pose your client beneath these soaring ladybugs, with a blue sky and white clouds behind them, and red tulips and white daises surrounding your happy subject.

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