Animal Baby & Toddler Bedding

What child doesn't love animals?  Let your child's bedroom become as fun as the zoo with our animal baby bedding.  Our designs feature animals from the farm to the deepest jungle. Whether your infant prefers fluffy rabbits munching alfalfa or a kitten wrapped in a blanket, VisionBedding has the comfort items you'll need to make your baby's bedroom into a place where sheep aren't the only animal they can count. 

VisionBedding's baby bedding elevates an infant's crib into a wild kingdom.  We have illustrations and photographs that convey the animal world in cute and compelling ways that are certain to lead to curiosity in your growing child.  We offer designs that vary from abstract chickens to photographs of chimpanzees with eyes that are almost human.  And, if our myriad designs aren't floating your ark, then why not customize your baby bedding?  We offer full personalization so you can reimagine your child's room into a treehouse deep in the jungle.  Try a clean look by using one of your own pictures atop one of our placid backgrounds, or go for a layered design by using one of your photographs in addition to ours.  Don't let that perfect shot of your baby at the zoo to just hang on the wall, put it on their bedding so you can remember the moment everytime you tuck them in.  

And customization does not end with design, because our animal baby bedding can be altered in size and product type to fit any baby elephant or little tadpole and any child between.  Try a baby blanket with jumping dolphins leaping off the fabric, or a crib or toddler comforter pink with flamingos, or even a toddler duvet with a cartoon hippo for those young fans of animation.  Our custom sizing means you can create baby bedding that will fit your den.

Speaking of dens, whether your home is more a fox den or a puppy playpen, you can create a theme that will fit your space and personality.  Try collecting a variety of bird images to make your infant's room into a soothing aviary.  Or, if a farm theme is more your style, pick a sampling of farm animals on your baby bedding for that rustic and rural feel.  You can even mix and match themes, because who says that panda's cant be featured in your child's decorative farm?  Tailor your infant's room into a space that can evolve along with her as she grows up.

This baby bedding is perfect for any infant, no matter their favorite animal.  With VisionBedding you can make the perfect habitat for your child.  From farm to zoo to wild jungle, let your instincts be your guide to the perfect baby bedding. 

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