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Antelope Baby Bedding

Parents who want to decorate their child’s room with picture of gentle animals should consider our antelope baby bedding. These designs portrays images of the antelope, leaping into the air with its friend at sunset. The lonely blackbuck antelope in the forest at daylight is seen grazing in the field.

The antelopes could have taken part in the hurdle race, as they can jump high into the air like the one in the Savannah. When they are not enjoying each other’s company, they are locking horns or hanging out with giraffes standing under the shade of a tree at dusk. In Etosha, Namibia, you can find the antelopes by a river, drinking water. Herds of antelopes prefer to stay together with only a few traveling the forest alone.

The shapes of an antelope’s horns differ from each other. The impala antelopes have curved horns with lines, the pronghorn antelopes have horns with two points, one curved backward and one forward, and the springbok antelopes have curvy horns. The dik dik antelope is one of the cutest antelope species and our bedding set shows it munching on leaves in the forest.

If you want to a see a heard of springbok antelopes, you can travel to Etosha at any time of the year, including winter. As with any animal’s cubs, the calves of an antelope is cute as buttons as shown on our baby bedding, depicting two calves standing together on a hilltop at daylight. 

All these designs can go on your crib bedding, toddler duvet and more! Start going through our gallery, be fascinated with antelopes and decorate the nursery with antelope baby bedding. Surely, your babies will grow to like them more!

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