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Antelope Blankets

Antelopes have amazing senses which help them stay protected from their predators. Their incredible sense of smell keeps them alert even when they are grazing on the grass looking absolutely careless in our blackbuck antelope in the sunlight blankets. Their elongated and extremely sharp horns are their weapons and when a predator tries to attack, they fight using these horns that can pierce any animal’s body in seconds. These fascinating horns are of great use in fighting with other antelopes like showcased in our Kenya Africa amboseli reserve blanket.

Due to their amazing body and form, antelopes are often a source of inspiration for the creative heads and artists. Our artistic vector silhouette antelope is a creative blanket with antelope face printed in the center. This blanket has the ability to spar creativity in anyone looking for some inspiration. When moving in the herd, these antelopes form a strong protective circle. Any predator eyeing them from a distance is unable to approach the due to their massive herd represented in our antelopes blankets.

The perfectly contoured legs of antelopes are used for gaining impressive speed when they are followed by predators. They smell danger and immediately take off in speed as seen in springbok antelope golden sunset blankets. These herbivores spend most of their day grazing on the grass presenting a fascinating sight for the viewer as seen in our antelope South Africa blankets that are perfect for adding a raw element in the room.

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