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Antelope Pillows

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Antelopes are recognized by their distinct horns that take various forms including straight, twisted, curved, and spiraled. These animals are herbivores and spend most of their time grazing and re-chewing their food. They might seem busy grazing on the grass, but antelopes have amazing senses and they can easily detect the presence of a predator and escape before they get in trouble. Their long and pointy horns are of great use during fights with male antelopes as seen in our Kenya Africa Amboseli Reserve pillows. Their horns are also very useful in keeping predators away from them.

Antelopes are also great at running in speed and their speed is what saves them from predators like lions, tigers, and cheetahs. These herbivores are herd animals, which means that they spend their time with groups of antelopes and are also very social as seen in our antelope South Africa pillows. The calves are often protected by the herd and are kept in the center to save them from the eyes of predators. Our antelope running across the field pillows show how these animals escape when they are chased by predators. They have great running skills, but their long legs also give them the ability to jump to cover a greater distance in less time.

Our pronghorn antelope pillows showcase the uniqueness of their horns. These ante\lope pillows can be customized with the image of your choice as well.

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