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Animal Bedding

The earth is filled with lovely creatures. They make the world a better place. Some of these animals we eat, we make as pets, and we take inspiration to make bedding designs. And these custom animal bedding designs can make your room look really cool. This would be perfect especially for the animal lovers. They simply want their favorite creatures close to them all the time, even when sleeping. So there’s nothing more satisfying for an animal lover than having their favorite critter in their room.

The sky is not the limit when it comes to the designs of this bedding . It’s impossible to run out of ideas for animal duvet covers  when there are many creatures to choose from. You can find a diverse collection of animal-themed bedding on this page right here. We have the cutest duvet covers, comforters, and bed sheets with your favorite wild and domestic animals on them. Our designs include artistic patterns and colors that illustrate these creatures under a different light. Not only are they appealing, but they’re also reflective in meaning. Whatever it is that you’re looking for in a bedding, we have them in our vast collection.

Animal-themed Bedding Sets
The animal-themed bedding designs that we have are loved by all, whether they’re animal lovers or not. It’s because the designs take on the gentle side of the creatures so people can enjoy them as they are. Our vast collection includes diverse styles to cater and satisfy the animal bedding needs of customers. The display of designs speaks not only to those who are fond of animals. But also to those who are yet to discover their soft spot for critters after seeing the animal comforters.

We feature the best creatures in our animal themed bedding; from antelopes down to zebras, we have it all here. We have a wide variety of animal bedding selection. You’d be surprised to see animals you’ve never heard of before. From the grandest bobcats to the tiniest crabs, your craziest idea for animal themed bedding designs lies in these pages.

The greatest thing about these sets of bedding is that you can create a certain theme for your bedroom. Let’s say, you feel like going for a safari expedition, or perhaps, a prehistoric era. You can achieve the craziest of looks with the help of these animal duvet covers and bed sheets.

How to Choose the Best Animal Bedding Design
To help you with your bedroom’s look, here are some tips on how to use our bedding sets properly. It’s not just about picking what you like impulsively; it’s also considering the rest of the things in your room.

The most number of animals we see are on land; they’re either crawling, slithering, walking, or running past us. In some countries, you don’t need to go far to see these animals because they walk freely on the streets. Some are even worshipped as gods, such as in India. The most popular domestic animals are also found on land. Cats and dogs roam freely in certain places and sometimes live the most luxurious life, even more so than humans.

So, if you want land animals for your bedroom, figure out which ones you’d like to include. When choosing the best animal themed bedding for your bed, you must consider your window curtains as well. Only then will you create a bedroom theme that is definitely not ephemeral.

1. Create a Story
One of the best ways to design a bedroom is by creating a story inside it. Take, for example, dogs or cats. You can have a puppy or a kitten design on the rug, displaying their growth on the curtain and walls. Then you can finally have a full grown dog or cat for animal bedding design. It’s like walking through the aging process of your favorite pets.

2. Recreate a Habitat
Another way is to recreate the habitat where your favorite animal lives. For example, a lion. Your animal bedding sets should feature the king of the jungle on the center, while the rest are supporting details. You can probably have a design of the lion’s den on your curtains. It would be nice to have tall grasses on your area rugs. A picture of the sunset over the horizon in a Safari in Africa on your canvas wraps would look amazing. If you try really hard to imagine it, you can see what a perfect look it is.

3. Choose Zoo Animals and Mythical Creatures
If you want a zoo-themed bedroom, you can pick different types of animals for your duvet cover, window curtain, etc. In order to organize your room, you need to appropriate the animals in a specific space where they fit. For example, you can’t have birds as a design for your round rugs, nor a fish for your wall art. Although, it would be fine if you want to go for a random or abstract look. But for a room that tells a story, aerial animals should be on the window curtains and wall art decors. Land or sea animals should either be on the animal bedding or rugs. If you like land animals more, you’d surely love our horses and buffaloes custom animal duvet covers.

Our unicorn animal themed bedding will definitely melt the hearts of little girls who fancy cute mythical creatures. They will definitely enjoy the crossover art design between a Pegasus and a unicorn. Having such a mythical creature on their bedding will definitely give them the sweetest dreams.

4. Create a World Underwater
There are tons of designs to satisfy your thirst for an underwater theme look for your bedroom. Turtles make a great representation of longevity for their centenarian qualities. Octopus bedding can make a great symbolism for those who can juggle multiple tasks at a certain time. Our manatee bedding will absolutely look adorable and cuddly on your bed. Our flamingo bedding will turn any bed from boring into something sweet and romantic with its dominant baby pink tones. Prepare to be amazed as you see a wondrous image of dolphins forever etched on your animal duvet cover.  Your sentiments for sharks and their resilience will make your animal themed bedding look equally tough. You won’t be able to resist the wonderful colors of our tropical fish bedding. They would definitely make you feel like you’re living in Atlantis.

The designs on these animal bedding sets will definitely make you feel cozy with its fabulous fabric against your skin. With its allure and persuasive designs, you will miss the ocean and the wind gently blowing on your face. Maybe you’ll even find yourself traveling to the beach in no time. And perhaps that’s what you would truly need after a day’s task and unnerving pressure. Nothing truly compares to the calming effect that only the sound of the waves crashing on the shore can bring.

5. Explore the Skies
They say there are two types of people in this world: those who wish to fly and those who are afraid of heights. Whether you’re either of those two, you will definitely fall in love with the animal bedding designs that we have. We feature creatures that soar high above and beyond the clouds in our animal bed sheets.

Our bat bedding may just change your mind about these nocturnal creatures. The designs will sway your thoughts away from scary Count Dracula into thinking of something cool, like Batman. Simply put, the designs on your animal comforters will make you want to stay in bed all the time.

Birds can definitely make a great animal bedding if you wish to fly among these feathered friends. Their lovely colors will mesmerize you into wanting to wrap your body against their soft wings. Seeing an eagle soaring way above the sky makes you wonder what it feels like to fly. What would it be like to see things from a bird’s perspective? Perhaps, it’s more magnificent than just riding a plane or a helicopter. Owls and parrots, geese and doves; having these creatures as bedding would definitely make sleeping more than an adventure.

Expressing Yourself through Animal Bedding
Now that you know how to create a great theme with these amazing animal bedding designs, you better start decorating. It’s also important that you know how to put a little bit of yourself in the designs you choose.

It’s true. You can recreate a theme that represents who you are as a person. It’s like putting a piece of your soul into your animal themed bedding. Harry Potter fans will get this comparison to that of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. But you’re not a dark lord wanting to have dominion over all the earth. You’re just someone who wants to have a bedding set that best describes who you are as a person.

1. Symbols of Strength and Authority
You can express yourself through your custom animal duvets. Choosing the animal that represents you as a person can help you do that. Animals represent something not only in nature itself but in man’s nature as well. Take for example a tiger. It symbolizes strength, power, and energy. It also stands for passion, ferocity, sensuality, beauty, speed, and wrath. If these words resonate with you, having a tiger bedding to reflect your character will be the best choice. You exude courage, power, royalty, dignity, authority, wisdom, and justice with a lion bedding.

2. Symbols of Gracefulness and Trust
You need to know that dolphins symbolize gracefulness. They represent harmony, intelligence, and friendship. Crabs symbolize trust, regeneration, and transformation. Isn’t it amazing how a tiny being a crab has its own imagery? Even sharks are represented by those who have an instinctive personality, thus, the shark bedding fits these people most.

3. Symbols of Peace, Freedom and Beauty
For those who dream of a peaceful world or a peaceful sleep at least, the dove bedding is your soulmate. These birds carry a message of hope, love, freedom, and promise. It might even be the comfiest animal duvet cover you’ll ever have. On the other hand, those who stand for patriotism, freedom, and leadership should have the eagle bedding. The people who vigorously support their country will undoubtedly fit this animal bedding like a shoe. Those who are attracted to peacocks represent those people who have endearment for beauty. It is represented by the glorious feathers a peacock unfolds on its tail.

4. Symbols of Balance, Luck, and Stability
Although not many people like snakes for animal themed bedding, these reptiles somehow carry its own unique meaning. At its core, a snake symbolizes duality and the search for balance. Treacherous is another representation but one must always dwell on things that are good and well. Frog bedding represents fertility, luck, and metamorphosis. Likewise, not a lot of people are especially inclined to having frogs for animal duvet covers. But the symbolism behind such slimy creatures gives away their irresistible character. For those people who are sure and steady with their life, our turtle bedding is perfect for you. It also associates patience and stability.

5. Symbols of Metamorphosis, Resourcefulness, and Control
Butterflies are well-loved and received by people of all ages and genders. This is because they represent beauty and transformation. If you fancy the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, the butterfly bedding will remind you of its metamorphosis.

Contrary to people’s disgust and loathing towards spiders, these insects actually embody craftiness and resourcefulness. It shows in the way the spiders build their own house through their own webs. So if you’re someone who has those same qualities, our spider bedding is the one that you need. Scorpions, just like spiders, are not popular among people. But having them for animal bedding sets will mean control and defensiveness.

We can’t name all the animals and what they represent. If we did, this would turn into a full-length novel about animals and their symbolism. However, to name a few more, horses embodies companionship and nobility. Foxes were honored in Celtic lore because they personify wisdom. Bears are known for possessing characteristics of power and strength all the while exuding peace and tranquility.

The Best Animal Bedding For your Bedroom
You need to list down your qualities so you can choose which ones to have as bedding. If you have no clue, you can choose the symbolism of the animals that resonate with you the most.

The most important thing is that you choose the animal bedding which represents who you are as a person. Then you can create a look that is unique in all the world. So that when you let someone in your room, the designs will help you introduce a little bit of yourself. It's like revealing a portion of yourself through the hints that are found on the designs.

It may sound as if it's nothing and we're overstating such a simple thing as choosing your bedding. But the fact remains that such act counts as a form of self-expression. And such self-expression can be made possible with our wide collection of animal bedding designs. Whatever your heart desires, we will grant it with the perfect animal duvet cover for your bed.

Truly, nothing is more satisfying for an animal lover than having your favorite creature on your bed! But not like actual living animals. Just creatures represented in various glorious designs of animal duvet covers, comforters, and bed sheets.

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